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Online Vs Traditional School

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Essay Preview: Online Vs Traditional School

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In recent years, advances in technology have created opportunities to obtain higher education in new ways. Online education is now superior to traditional classes as it provides opportunities that are more convenient, affordable, and flexible. In the past if someone were interested in getting a college education their choices were limited to physically attending a traditional school. This meant a major disruption in a person's life requiring significant sacrifice, sometimes requiring a physical move, possible pressure on family life, or even losing their job. If it were possible to live anywhere, balance family, maintain job, and still attend school, then new technology would not be needed. Unfortunately, the realities of life dictate that additional options to traditional school are in fact required. Fortunately, technology has provided us with the tools to accomplish our goals.

Today's technology breaks down the barriers preventing people from obtaining their educational goals. The foremost difference between attending class online and traditional classes is purely convenience. Whereas a student would have had to schedule their life around class, they can now schedule class around their life. In addition to the convenience of scheduling, online students eliminate the commute time therefore creating more free time they can use for study or family. Online school allows another advantage; it allows the student to make the decisions where his or her time is actually spent. Another benefit in geographic areas that receive extreme weather; you avoid the hassle and danger traveling in adverse conditions. While it is true an online student may give up some of the social aspect of school, it is a small price to pay for ability to attend school from the convenience of their own home.

The second benefit, especially in today's economy, the affordability of an online education vs. a traditional college. Online schools only charge for tuition and a few miscellaneous fees, while traditional colleges can add additional costs such as housing, food, and commuting. Traditional colleges generally have higher cost of infrastructure which translates into



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