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Online Gas Analyzer

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The manufacturer must take into account in the design that the transformer or autotransformer must be able to operate continuously without restrictions at full load (100% of its rated capacity) under the maximum voltage regulation conditions provided in the local regulation of the power system of each country in the or the positions of the Tap Changer more demanding in terms of currents, tensions and losses; And that it will be subjected to frequent on/off maneuvers and short and long life surges.

Regardless of the location of the OLTC, the transformers must be able to continuously transform the rated outputs by regulating the voltage of any of the voltage levels of the transforming unit to the extreme variations allowed by the regulation in the other voltage level or the corresponding voltage of the extreme position of the Tap Switch and / or its corresponding transformation ratio. The above to take into account the voltage drop in the transformation unit or the own regulation of the transformation unit. These extreme operating conditions shall be evaluated by load flows to obtain the currents in each winding considering In each winding a 0.85 Power Factor on the load side in inductive.

All accessories and components must be correctly selected so that continuous operation at rated power under the most demanding design environmental conditions (altitude and maximum ambient temperature) is not restricted in accordance with the standards set forth in the general requirements document.In the cases that transformers or auto transformers are going to be connected to GIS substations, they must be designed and manufactured to withstand very fast transient overvoltages -VFTO's- by their acronym in English. In the document of General Requirements and / or in the Guaranteed Technical Characteristics of the project, this requirement will be established in the cases that apply.

In these cases, the Manufacturer must include in the electrical design



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