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One Eyed Boy

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Joey was a fanatic for baseball, he loved watching and playing baseball since he was a kid. Joey was never thought of being a so-called “Great”, he was just an ordinary boy with big dreams like everybody else. But Joey didn't realize the gift he had would soon come to an end.

Joey grew up in a small town with his dad Scott, Joey's mother Stacy passed away when he was a baby due to cancer. Joey always used to go to the ball games with his dad and his best friend Frank, In fact, Joey got to meet one of his most favorite baseball players for his birthday at a ball game. Frank has been Joey's best friend since they were kids, they always went to ball games together even though Frank didn't really like baseball, but he still went.

At the age of 10, Joey was already playing pro with the older kids. It was a Saturday morning Joey was getting ready for his baseball tryouts. “Come on son you're gonna be late for your baseball tryouts”, “I’m coming dad, I'm just putting on my shoes”. Joey runs downstairs with excitement on his face. “Are you ready kiddo”. “Yeah, dad come on let's go already”. Joey runs to the car, throws his bag in the back seat and sits in the front of the car. “Hurry dad I wanna meet my new coach and all of the good players”. “I'm coming I'm coming”. Scott locks the house and walks to his car. “Are you ready kiddo”. Joey sighs “Yeah dad I'm ready to let's just go already”. Scott laughs “alright kiddo let's go”. Scott starts the car and drives Joey to his baseball tryouts as soon as they got there he parks the car near a sidewalk. “Are you ready for your baseball tryouts”. “Of course dad”. Scott smiles “Your mom would be so proud of you”. “please don't cry, dad”.” “I know I just wish your mother was here to see this”. Joey smiles “me dad”. Joey gets out of the car grabs his bag and heads to the baseball field where his coach and his teammates are practicing. Scott calls out Joey's name “JOEY!” Joey turns around “what dad”. “good luck son” Joey smiles once again “thanks, dad”. Joey runs off to the baseball field and enters in the front gate. He just stood there watching the boys practice. One of the boys came up to Joey with a disgusted look on his face “who are you supposed to be kid”. “I'm the new recruit for you guys baseball teams”. “Yea right kid the playgrounds that way”. The coach came up and interrupted their conversation. “What are you doing Steven get back to practice”. “Yes, sir”. So you're the new recruit huh son” Joey replies “yes coach I’m here to try out for your team”. “Heh you got spirit kid”. The coach blew his whistle and gathered the whole team”. Alright, boys, we got a new recruit today his name is…”. The coach whispered, “What's your name boy”. “Joey sir”. “Joey will be playing for our team from now on”.

One of the boys from the team said: “Isn't he a little too young to join our team coach”. “I mean come on he doesn't even look like he can hit a bouncy ball”. The older boys started laughing at him and teasing him on how small he was and complaining about why he was part of the team. Joey was furious at them. The coach blew his whistle once again his and said: “stop teasing the boy he has better talent than most of you here”. One of the best pitchers on the team called Joey out. “Alright coach if he’s really that good to let's see how he does on the field”. Joey replied with a confident look on his face.“ok” Joey walked over to his bag and grabbed his bat and walked to the field. Joey stood at the home base and the other guy stood at the pitcher’s base. The pitcher said “are you ready”, “yeah I'm ready”. The pitcher looked fierce into Joey's eyes, Joey just looked at him with a smirk on his face, the pitcher cocked back his arm and threw the ball as hard and fast as he could, it looked like a flash of lighting was flying through the air. Joey stared at the ball as it was flying towards him, he took one mighty swing and blasted the ball right out of the stadium. Everyone was astonished even the coach was amazed, they have never seen someone so talented. The coach said with astonishment “how did you hit the ball like it was nothing”, Joey replied, “it felt like the ball was flying towards me really slow”. “Hey, kid have you ever thought of joining the major leagues when you're older”. “Most definitely coach, I've been playing baseball since I was four years old”. “Heh, you're something else kid”.

Ever since then Joey has been playing for major teams all over the world, and winning state titles, even being nominated for a most valuable player. It's been four years, since then, Joey is now attending high school at BreakWood High. It was the last period of the day, the bell rang Joey and his best friend Frank got out of class. “Aww man, I didn't pass mr. Smith's math test, what did you get Joey” said Frank. “I got a hundred”, with laughter in Joey's face”. “How are you so good at math”. “Idk maybe because I do something called studying learn it” Joey laughs. “Oh haha very funny”. “Ease down a bit Frank you know I'm joking”. “Yea I guess, hey are you ready to go to the state championship”. “I'm not so sure I'm kinda nervous”. “Coming from a guy who won multiple state titles and nominated for MVP in every team he has played for,” said Frank. “I know but I really want to win this at our school”. “Stop worrying man you'll do great”. “Are you sure”. “I'm very sure”. Joey smiles “Alright thanks, Frank”. “No problem Joey”. A loud beeping sound roared around the school. “Oh, that's my dad see ya, Joey ”. “Bye Frank”. Joey calls out to Frank's father's name. “BY MR. STEVEN”. “ Bye Joey, I'll be looking forward to seeing you win the state title,” Steven said. “Thanks, Mr. Steven”. They drove off.

Joey heads to the baseball field in the back of the school. When he got there he saw everyone practicing. Joeys was shocked, he runs into the locker room, throws down his bag and started changing as fast as he could into his uniform. Joey was interrupted by a whistle. “You're late” said Joey's coach. “Yes I know i'm sorry coach”. “Hurry up and get to practice we only have today until we go to state”. “Yes, Sir” Joey grabs his bat and heads to the baseball field. Joey calls out Rooney. “Hey Rooney can you be my pitcher for today”. “ Of course Joey” said Rooney. Joey grabbed his bat and ran up to the home base. “Are you ready Joey”.



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