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Oliver Twist

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Q1: Do you think Nancy betrayed her friends? What should you have done? Is it right to reveal your friend secrets to other people or it is loyalty more important that anything else?

As in the general thought and understanding through the novel of Oliver Twist, which written by the author Charles Dickens, it is a fact to be said that Nancy has tried to betrayed her friends, Sikes and Fagin by telling Rose Maylie on the conversation that she heard between Monks and Fagin in the dark night room and also additionally telling Rose Maylie and Mr. Brownlow on how the way to get Monks. However, it can’t be denied that the action and circumstances that have been taken by Nancy was a right decision. She is willing to scarify her life in the vision of blood and death for the sake of Oliver’s safety and expressing the protection and also avoidance towards her friend’s from doing a criminal action which will ruined their future. This can be support by the evidence when Nancy making the deal with Rose Maylie and Mr. Brownlow to fulfill the condition of not handed the other’s member to the police after she have told them the secret where they need to know the truth behind of the story. As for me, I will be doing the same things if I’m at Nancy shoes. Being a middle person such like Nancy, it is absolutely to take few things into the consideration when across to the decision making so that at the end of the day, it won’t be giving a feel of regret on the outcomes. It is definitely a mistake to reveal our own friend secret to other people since they do put a trust on me. Therefore, it is my responsible and honesty to keep their secret and also to be the trustworthy to them is order to maintain either in the relationship or friendship. In my mind of thought, issue on being whether to be loyalty or not it is depends on the condition and situation. Sometimes it is important but sometimes it don’ts.



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