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A Christmas Carol And Oliver Twist Comparison

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Harry and Rose from Oliver Twist and Alice and Ebeneezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol are in similar situations because both of the couples are in love yet wealth has come between both of the couples. Alice and Ebeneezer Scrooge were engaged and in love. Ebeneezer’s love for Alice was soon not as important as his pursuit of wealth and desire to be a part of “High Society”. Alice and Scrooge were a part of the lower class and their love was not enough for Scrooge, his greed was too strong for him to hold on to someone that may slow down his quest for wealth. Unlike Scrooge leaving his love for wealth and high social ranking, Harry left his wealth and high social ranking to gain his love. Harry was in love with Rose who was from a lower class than he. Mrs. Maylie, Harry’s mother, advised against a marriage between the two because it could lower Harry’s social ranking and now allow him to do things in his life that he may want to do. Harry was so in love with Rose that he left his social rankings and his desires behind him so that he could be with Rose and not worry about a reputation. Harry gave up something very important to him for love while Scrooge gave up the women he loved for something based entirely upon greed.

Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol and Oliver from Oliver Twist are considerably similar and although their positions are very difficult, they are quite different. Both Tiny Tim and Oliver are selfless and have a very optimistic view of life even though they are living with horrible conditions. Tiny Tim and Oliver are both helpless. Tiny Tim is helpless because he is a cripple and it is hard from him to do most normal things without plenty of help from others. Oliver is helpless due to the fact that his mother died at birth so no one was able to take care of him that may have been related so he was sent to a workhouse. Oliver was then sold by the workhouse to a man to be his apprentice.



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