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Officer Essay

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This past year that I have been in guard I have learned a lot. Color guard has helped me in many ways, not just about guard, but in life in general. I have learned how to work better with other, becoming a stronger person and performer, and to never give up no matter how frustrated I get. I know I will be able to meet the abilities of an officer or even higher. I would love to share the passion I have about guard with my fellow guard peers. I believe theres a lot more to guard than spinning flags and rifles, and dancing, you have to learn to work with others, to get into what you’re doing, and a lot more other things. To me color guard isn’t just an extra-curriculum activity, guard is my life. I would love to have a position of an officer, but so does everyone else that’s trying out. The thing that makes me different from the others is, I will give it my all, I will go out of my way for each and everyone of the members in guard.

I think my favorite things about guard are the dancing portion and the people that are in color guard. I believe that I’m a strong dancer, and I know I will be able to help the guard a lot with dancing. I catch on to things easily and I can teach people fairly well. I think I would be a great officer if I get the chance to, it would be a honor. I know it’s not going to be easy at all, and I know that theres a lot of work with it. But I’m up to the challenge. Another thing I love about guard is the people in guard. They really makes guard enjoyable for me, if you don’t get along with the people you have to work with, then nothing is going to come out right. I’m the type of person that people can come to me for anything and I will try my best to fix the problem, if I’m capable of it.

What I can offer as an officer is my commitment, my talent, time, experience, and my effort. I’m not an impatient person so



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