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Object Oriented Analysis and Design Assignment

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Essay Preview: Object Oriented Analysis and Design Assignment

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 Object Oriented Analysis & Design (CCT102)


Term 3, 2016

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Student’s ID        018800022156

Student’s Name                        Shakeef Saneer        

Lecturer’s Name        TAN KIA WAI

Course        IDITC

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I declare that:

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  • This assignment is all my own work and I have acknowledged any use of the published and unpublished works of other people.

Student’s Signature: Shakeef

Submission Date: 15th Nov 2016

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Penalty on Late Submission

Final Marks Awarded



1.        Identify and briefly explain the objects, classes, methods and attributes for the lorry rental system.        3

2.        Draw a use case diagram to represent the lorry rental System.        8

3.        Draw a Class Diagram that models the lorry rental System        9

  1. Identify and briefly explain the objects, classes, methods and attributes for the lorry rental system.
  • Objects

Objects are people, spots, or things that are pertinent to the framework we are breaking down. Protest arranged frameworks portray elements as items. Run of the mill articles might be clients, things, requests, et cetera. Articles may likewise be GUI presentations or content areas on the show.

  • Classes

A class is an outline or layout or set of guidelines to construct a particular sort of protest. Each question is worked from a class. Every class ought to be outlined and customized to finish one, and one and only, thing. (You'll take in more about the Single Obligation Rule in Question arranged programming ideas: Composing classes.) In light of the fact that every class is intended to have just a solitary duty, numerous classes are utilized to manufacture a whole application.

  • Methods

A method is an activity that can be asked for from any question of the class. Strategies are the procedures that a class knows to do. Method are likewise called operations. For the class of rentCar(), rentOut(), checkIn(), and administration() are cases of method. While determining strategies, the primary letter is typically lowercase.

  • Attributes

An attribute describes some property that is controlled by all objects of the class. See that the RentalCar class has the characteristics of size, shading, make, and model. All autos have these traits, yet every auto will have distinctive qualities for its characteristics. For instance, an auto can be blue, white, or some other shading. Later on we will exhibit that you can be more particular about the scope of qualities for these properties. At the point when determining properties, the primary letter is typically lowercase.


  1. lorry- a lorry rental system should have enough lorries to rent out.


  • model- before the customer rent they'll check for the latest model
  • color- keeping different colors will make the customer choice easier
  • size- size matters for each customers
  • speed- the efficiency for transporting goods
  • licence- valid registration
  • registrationNumber


  • carryWeight()- able to transport heavy items
  • provideSpace()- can carry a large amount of items
  • service()- service the lorry

  1. Insurance


  • insuranceId-  company id
  • expiryDate- insurance expiry
  • amountPaid- Paid amount for the insurance
  • insuranceType- Package
  • dateOfPurchase- Purchase date
  • address- address of company registered


  • claimDamage()
  • renewPackage()
  • applyInsurance()

  1. employee- the workers will be used to keep the whole system running.


  • position- employee position
  • name- name of the employee
  • salary- monthly salary
  • id- employee ID
  • password- user password of employee
  • address- employee address


  • verifyPayment()- before receiving the lorry payment should be verified
  • deliverVehicle()- once all the process is done the lorry will be delivered to the customer
  • generateReport()- Generate reports for the vehicle
  • registerVehicle()
  • updateRent()

  1. computer- important to keep the daily records of all transactions.


  • staffData- Staff details
  • customerData- Customer details
  • logs- daily logs of rent
  • accounts- financial reports
  • login- user login


  • updateData()
  • addCustomer()
  • promoteRent()

  1. rent-


  • plateNumber- lorry registered number
  • rentDate- dat of rental
  • dailyRentFee- rental fee
  • customerID- customer id
  • employeeID- employee id
  • downPayment- advance payment
  • returnDate- rent return date


  • rentOut()
  • updateRent()
  • viewReservation()
  • viewRent()

  1. Bill- Payment for the rent.


  • billNumber- Number of bill
  • booking- booking details
  • payableAmount- amount to be paid by customer
  • totalPaid- total amount paid
  • rentDate- rental date
  • durationDate- no of renting days
  • contact- customer and company contact details


  • modifyInformation()
  • calculatePayment()
  • createBill()

  1. customer- the person who will rent the lorry


  • fullName- customer full name
  • identificationNumber- IC number
  • email- customer contact
  • fileNumber- file register number
  • mobile- customer mobile
  • nationality- born country
  • occupation- student, employed or own career
  • customerID- new id for customer


  • createCustomer()
  • updateCustomer()
  • makeChoices()

  1. mechanic- will be the one to repair the lorries


  • name- name of the mechanic
  • id- id number
  • skills- talents
  • salary- monthly salary for the employee


  • modifyLorry()
  • repairLorry()
  • mainainCondition()

  1. Agreement:


  • vehicleNo
  • signature
  • hireDate
  • nameOfEmployee


  • confirmAgreement()
  • displayPolicies()
  • readAgreemnet()

  1.  Maintenance


  • serviceDate-
  • staffMaintainced
  • inspection
  • cost
  • nextServiceDate


  • service()
  • inspectVehicle()
  • writeReport()
  1. Draw a use case diagram to represent the lorry rental System.

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