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Research Analysis Writing Assignment: Young Goodman Brown

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Essay Preview: Research Analysis Writing Assignment: Young Goodman Brown

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Research Analysis Writing Assignment: Young Goodman Brown

Goodman Brown goes on a quest of self-discovery and sets off into the dark forest to confront his doubts and soothe his curiosity making him one of the key writing elements in this story. Goodman clearly states and symbolizes that our hero is just that: a good man. He is a simple, everyday man who follows the laws of his community. Being such a great man, there will be a sliver of curiosity to which he questions his faith by leaving his wife, Faith, which symbolizes his actual faith to God (St. Rosemary Educational Institution). This wordplay may also seem obvious, but Hawthorne used the straightforward to his advantage during the story. The name ‘Goodman’ is a projection that hides the true history of the family, and this irony further highlights the corruption that plagues the world in Young Goodman Brown. The deep, dark, disorienting forest contributed a key element by not only part of the setting but it helps set the tone of the entire story. Being that it wasn’t in detail to prove to us in a way that the path to seeing reality is complicated which takes a while to figure out. We are informed that Goodman Brown was in Salem village in the time period of the Salem Witch Trials around that 1600’s. For some who never heard of the Salem Witch Trials can pick up that the town is in Salem, Massachusetts meaning that they are Puritans just showcasing how strict they are on their religious views and society.

Applying the two important elements, they portray out themes in a clearer manner to be able to identify that Goodman Brown has lost his innocents all while a fight with man versus society comments in the mix. The protagonist’s initial innocence is showcased directly in his name; We learn later on that the ‘Goodman’ family was not just or good, and in fact, danced with evil time and time again. As Goodman’s venture goes south when he loses his naivety and innocence as he learns the realities of his society. After this revelation, the theme shifts to man versus society. Suddenly, Goodman holds values that go against the beliefs his community possesses, due to his bleak awareness of the true nature of the world, his family, and society. Man versus society plays a prevalent role in the story because Goodman lives in a Puritan community, which hold their beliefs in high regard. As seen in the Salem Witch Trials, those who differ or deviate from the Puritan path are harassed and betrayed. These are the issues Goodman will face after returning



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