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Nowadays Command & Control Approach Is Becoming Unsuccessful In Pakistan:

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Essay Preview: Nowadays Command & Control Approach Is Becoming Unsuccessful In Pakistan:

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Nowadays Command & Control approach is becoming unsuccessful in Pakistan:


Command & Control approach means “Workers worked, managers managed, and everyone knew their place”. In business this approach came from Military, where Officers use this approach to control their soldiers. As Frederick the Great said “Soldiers should fear their officers more than all the dangers to which they are exposed”. The Opposite of this approach is Employee Empowerment, which means “unleashing the power and creativity of employees by giving them the freedom, resources and skills to make decision and perform effectively”.

In past, Employee Empowerment approach is not used in Pakistan. But, at present, Command & Control Approach is becoming unsuccessful in Pakistan. Where as Organizations are now more focus on Employee empowerment, especially in the case of Software Houses.

Counter Arguments

1) In Pakistan, Education Level of employees is very low. There are no training institutes, which enhance employee technical, human and conceptual abilities. People get promotion on the basis of their work experience. Even in Managerial level, people do not have vision. That’s why organization has to use Command & Control approach.

I refute the above argument because if we compare statistics with the past, we came to know that literacy rate at present in Pakistan is higher than in the past. Increase in foreign investment, boom in Telecom and Software industry, increases the demand of educated people. Different Training workshop had been organized in the past 3 to 5 years, such as in PUCIT training workshop of UNIX OS was organized. In Lums, different workshops for managers and IT professional were also organized.

2) Owner or Top level manager’s thinks that this is our business, we own it, so we are the one who are going to make decision for the employees.

I refute the above argument because now employees want to get more information about company’s policies so that they can participate in it. In a high tech company the individual contributors always have more information than the “leaders,” so they are really in the best position to make decisions.

So, I negate with the point of view that command & control approach is still needed in Pakistan.

My Arguments

Employee Empowerment is becoming popular these days due to the boom in Software and Telecom industry in Pakistan.

1) In Software Houses

• Work is done through team based approach. Employees in software houses, through mutual understanding analyze, design, and even implement their software’s.

• Environment of software houses in Pakistan is very relaxed, and employees have the right to speak and share information that is valuable.

• Example of software housing where



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