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Notions Of Love In Ever After

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Notions of love are explored in different contexts to demonstrate how societyЃfs values can impinge on an individualЃfs relationships. While there are many different forms of love it is only rare individuals who have the strength to ignore societyЃfs values and culture to follow their notion of love. These ideas are explored in Andy TennantЃfs feature film ЃgEver AfterЃh, Chris ColumbusЃf feature film ЃgMrs DoubtfireЃh and Corinne HoffmanЃfs non-fiction text ЃgThe White MessiahЃh. Composers use devices in each medium to explore how individuals form and sustain relationships.

- An individualЃfs notion of love will determine the strength of a relationship. Danielle has strong convictions of love. This makes the prince want to get to know her. Contrasts with stepmother who is only worried about position and wealth.

Robin and wife do not understand each other and are not prepared to tolerate each otherЃfs beliefs and habits to make the relationship work. Their love for kids is not strong enough to fix this.

While initially both characters try to learn and accept each otherЃfs values. The cultural divide is too wide for their relationship to succeed.

Notions of love can be constricted by the rules of society. This is seen in ЃgEver AfterЃh when succession determines who is a suitable marriage partner. Prince Henry is tied down to his obligations as the prince of France. His father, the king, decides to marry Henry to the daughter of the Spanish king to improve the relations of the two countries. Normally in society, the kingЃfs decision would have been final and the prince would have to accept being married to whomever his father decided. In ЃgEver AfterЃh, however, Andy Tennant has subtly altered the values of the time by having the king give his son the freedom to marry who he pleases if he does so in the nominated time: Ѓgif love is what you seek, I suggest you find it before then, for five days hence, at the stroke of midnight you will announce your engagement to the girl of your choice or I will announce it for youЃh. This concept of rules within society is contrasted in HoffmanЃfs autobiography ЃgThe White MessiahЃh. It is evident that there are no family obligations impinging on Corinne when she instantly falls in love with Lketinga. Within a few days, she decides to be with him without asking her familyЃfs consent.

In ЃgEver AfterЃh Danielle has a very strong relationship with her father as her mother died early in DanielleЃfs life. Her father always bought books from his travels and she adored them. This strong love for one another is shown when he is preparing Danielle for bed. There is a full shot of the two with the camera zooming in. There is red glow, from the fire, that illuminates the room and this enforces their love for each other. They also have a secret handshake that they perform that demonstrates their attachment to each other. This relationship is contrasted with the KingЃfs relationship with Henry as theirs is based on obligations and rules: Ѓgyou are restricted to the groundsЃh. The KingЃfs position demands that a son obeys.

Romantic love is depicted in the feature film ЃgEver AfterЃh. Danielle and Henry are attracted to one another as they have similar interests and education. Both believe themselves to be independent and are not prepared to comply to the will of others. The difference in social standing between Danielle and Henry causes a gap that they initially find difficult to overcome. It is only after Henry finds out who Danielle really is that their love can really be true. Although he does not accept it at first, he realises that the two of them were meant to be and he chases back after her and explains his change in heart to her. He proposes to her and she accepts. The love and acceptance of each other is shown when there is a mid-shot of the two together. This romantic love is also shown in ЃgThe White MessiahЃh. After Corinne is accustomed to LketingaЃfs society, she is able to develop a strong romantic relationship with him.

There is family love evident in ЃgEver AfterЃh. There is a strong bond between Danielle and the other servants. They have known each other for



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