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 Operating system: Microsoft® Windows XP or 2000

 Hardware: Intel® Pentium®-compatible processor

 Memory: 256MB RAM minimum

 Minimum free drive space: 400MB

 VGA Monitor

 Web browser: Internet Explorer 6

SPSS add-on modules

 All SPSS add-on modules require the corresponding version of SPSS Base for Windows. No other system requirements are necessary.


 Operating system: Windows XP or 2000

 Memory: 256MB RAM minimum

 Minimum free drive space: 125MB

 Web browser: Internet Explorer 6

SPSS Server

 Operating system: Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003 (32-bit or 64-bit); Sun™ Solaris™ 9 and later (64-bit only); IBM® AIX® 5.2 and later; or Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 4 and later

 Memory: 256MB RAM per expected concurrent user

 Minimum free drive space: 300MB (includes SPSS Server install and the stand-alone SPSS Batch Facility [SPSSB] install)

 Minimum CPU: Two Pentium-class CPUs recommended

 Required temporary disk space: Calculate by multiplying 2.5 x number of users x expected size of dataset in megabytes

SPSS Server Administration Utility: SPSS Predictive Enterprise Manager

 Operating system: Windows 2000 or Windows XP

 Hardware: Pentium or Pentium-class processor

 Memory: 128MB RAM or higher

 Minimum free drive space: 125MB

 For connecting with SPSS Server: A network adaptor running TCP/IP network protocol


1. ^ See Ian Hacking's The Emergence of Probability for a history of the early development



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