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Swot Of Nokia

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-Is a dominant player in the smartphone market via its majority ownership of Symbian and its propritary Series 60 user interface which are projected to represent majority of the 100M smartphones sold in the next 4 years.

- 33% market share still the largest cell phone vendor by far, with double the market share of nearest competitr

- Size should enable Nokia to amortize R&D costs and to get cost advantages

- Brand position: probably one of the top 20 brands in the world


- The Ngage is considered a flop

- Being the market leader and its increase role in Symbian is giving Nokia a bad image, much like Microsoft in the PC industry.

- Slow to adopt new ways of thinking: a good example are clamshell phones which are preferred by many customers. Nokia was reluctant to produce a clamshell until this year, when it launched its first model.


- Increase their presence in the CDMA market, which they are just entering, as well as 3G and Edge

- New growth markets where cell phone adoption still has room to go, including India and other countries.

- Leverage its infrastructure business to get preference and a stronger position with carriers


- Late in the game in 3G creates a risk to be displaced by leaders like Motorola, LG, NEC and others.

- Asian OEMs who are entering the market very agressively (TCL, nGo Bird)

- ODMs (HTC and others) enabling carriers to leverage their customer



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