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No Child Left Behind Act

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Essay Preview: No Child Left Behind Act

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Now, here's one of my favorites quotes from our president's speeches "Is our children learning." The answer, Mr. President, is that no, our children is not learning. And they are not learning because of the NCLB. That is why I advocate that the Untied States resolve to abolish this Act immediately, for the following three main reasons; firstly, we must realize the flaws in the plan, secondly, how the United States has suffered from the excessive spending of NCLB, and thirdly, how the NCLB infringes on states' rights.

But first, let us examine the flaws in the "No Child Left Behind" Act. As we all know, the plan is supposed to close the gap between students. However, it does not realize that According to Darling-Hammond, "The biggest problem with the NCLB Act is that it mistakes measuring schools for fixing them." The NCLB has forced many states to lower their standards and it has encouraged some schools to improve performance by making sure low performing students leave. Rather than lifting the performance of low achieving students, NCLB can increase the number of dropouts. The plan also undermines and overlooks the potential of advanced students, focusing only to "level the playing field." This reason alone should be enough for us to abolish the act completely.

Secondly, we need to realize how we simply can no longer afford the NCLB. According to the department of Education. In the year 2003-2004, we spent 501 billion dollars on education.

This amount is a 27% increase over that of last years. And is projected to increased by a further 17% this year. We are involved in 2 wars. And although I do not object to spending on education, let's face it; we spend too much. If we the NCLB is allowed to continue to ravage our system, our deficit will become even larger, and America will be digging itself into a hole it cannot get out



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