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No Child Left Behind Act

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Essay Preview: No Child Left Behind Act

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No Child Left Behind

The No Child Left Behind Law was passed by Congress in 2001in an attempt to increase the federal role in education and mandate requirements that will affect every public school in America, including Texas. The goal of the NCLB act was to create procedures intended to shut achievement gaps between different groups of students. States are mandated to increase student testing, gather and publicize subgroup results, guarantee a highly qualified teacher in every classroom, and guarantee that all students, despite of socioeconomic factors, attain a capable level of education and that no child will be left behind. It basically requires states to make more extensive changes and meet exceptionally positive deadlines. Obeying the requirements of NCLB is going to be a challenge for many states and teachers if they want to continue receiving federal funding and not to be replaced with someone more highly trained.

In Texas, this law has severely been impacted by a variety of teachers who are not highly qualified to educate these students and schools that are need in of drastic educational improvements at the moment. From the beginning, Texas has served has a representation for several of the requirements listed in the NCLB act because schools were already enforcing testing and accountability provisions. However, disagreements between Texas' statutory testing and accountability systems and the new federal requirements have produced uncertainty and led to problems in the execution of key provisions of NCLB. Alterations in the provisions of Texas' testing and accountability were made to meet the provisions of the NCLB act. One of the provisions here in Texas is that most students now take the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) in replacement of the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS). As for teachers, they are required to meet the definition of highly qualified,



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