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Nineteeth Century Rise

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In the nineteenth century the rise of the corporations transformed everything for the worst of things during this time period. The companies started being monopolized by big business giants the two main ones were John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. The companies that maid this big transformation were standard oil company and Carnegie steel. Three major parts of this time period were the standard oil company, Carnegie steel, and the homestead strike.

In 1870’s, the Carnegie steel company was formed. The headquarters of the business was located in Carnegie Building, an office building in downtown Pittsburgh. It was built to display the use of steel in its construction, the building was fifteens stories high, and was left undercover for a full year. Mr. Carnegie (Doc B) was the richest man alive in that time (even richer then bill gates). Even with all of his wealth he paid his employers nothing at all. In 1889 Carnegie decide to let Henry Frick become chairman of the Carnegie steel company while he went a way for a short time. Carnegie enjoyed being rich and having his employers make all his money while he just sat around (Doc I).

In 1865, with the help Andrews, John Rockefeller bought out the Clarks’ shares and founded Rockefeller & Andrews Company. In 1866 Rockefeller had his brother go over New York to launch a firm called Rockefeller & company. The company became greatly profitable; nevertheless John didn’t like acuminating that much and not giving back to the community( Doc C). The two main things that Rockefeller stood up for were Baptist creed and oil. Since the oil company was generous to him, he decided to be generous as well and gave to the locate charities.

On July 6th, 1892 there was an outburst called the Homestead strike, which was a really lockout, involving the iron and steel workers, which was a membership of nearly 25,000, this was one of the strongest unions in the country.



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