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Nineteenth Century Transportation

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There were many different ways to get around in the nineteenth century. England brought upon many new forms of transportation such as rail, horse drawn carriages, and the road system. All of these are crucial to all of modern day transportation.

The most popular means of transportation was by far railway. In the mid 1800s thousand of miles of rail were laid in England. (Ross) Having Rail increased the industrialization by over 60%. (Ross On-line) It also increased trade and the spread of transportation in great numbers. They never stopped laying rail.

The roads that the "Roman Geniuses" created when they came to Britain are still used today. (Quennell) The roads were made of compact dirt. Carriages threw dust up into the air constantly. The road system was one of the biggest technological advancements in the nineteenth century. (Quennell) They are still used today as well.

Horse Drawn carriages were also a big part of "getting around". Many different kinds of carriages were invented in this time, all used for different things, such as shipping goods, transporting people. (Quennell) The "Phaeton" was a carriage that was pulled by two horses, and both sides opened. (Quennell) The "Mail Coach" was pulled by one horse and carried packages to different locations. (Quennell)

All of the vehicles were the basis for the modern day vehicles. The road system is still used today in all parts of the world. The rail and locomotive is still used as well. Without these inventions most of the new vehicles would not exist.



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