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Nightclub Issue

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Nightclub Issues for Entrepreneurs

Making a living for many people is hard work. Monday through Friday might be a very stressful period. For young adults, it might be even more stressful due to a new working habit. Therefore, getting off work on a Friday evening might lead one to want to enjoy their Friday and Saturday nights before returning to another stressful week. Many young adults enjoy dancing to loud music and socializing with consumption of alcoholic beverages. A nightclub is the perfect place to unite these people for this common purpose.

How many people do you know would love to attend a nightclub on some nights? Well for me I would not even be able to count the number of people that would want to go. So for an entrepreneur this would seem like the perfect market right?

Nightclub owners could make a lot of money, drink all they want, get a great business and personal networking system, and be entertained for free. So why doesn't every entrepreneur just go and start a nightclub. Well one factor that is emphasized on is the failure rate. According to Nikko Hendi, principal of the nightclub consulting firm Nikkel Design & Developers, there is an eighty-five percent failure rate for nightclubs, eighty-five percent go bankrupt within two years. This high failure rate could be caused by extreme competitions, wrong location, or too low classed. However, the cause that leads this venture to its last breath is usually the impressions that the nightclubs have on the people. The impression that nightclubs have on people could cause the customers not to attend or to act on shutting them down.

The risk of being a nightclub owner is when liability issues are involved. The image of a nightclub owner is much like the President of the United States. War in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, and high gasoline prices all caused people to protest against George Bush. Even though he can't control everything, people seem to think that he is responsible for all negative causes. Violence acts are known to occur at nightclubs. Shootings and fights are viewed by media as a common act in nightclubs. Nightclubs also had incidents involving distribution of drugs, underage drinking and violation of zoning laws.

Nightclub is a fun place for people to meet other people, but viewed by society as a negative aspect. Nightclubs started as speakeasies in New York City during the prohibition era. Owners used the place to distribute the alcohol that they had smuggled in. Chico Harlan of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote, "When discussing the science of a nightclub experience, industry experts and consultants speak about the immediate impression. First, the name: Clubs frequently use monosyllabic abstractions--Bash or Fuel or Rain--aimed to stimulate the anything-is-possible notion. Sound--just enough--should bleed out the front door and entice those waiting in line". To older, married adults that like to enjoy a quite and relaxed community, this nightclub would sound like the devil's house with the owner being the devil. Suddenly, they would fear that their community might be overwhelmed with crimes.

This idea of increase in crimes might not be too far off from reality. Just about every shooting involving a celebrity occurred or escalated from a nightclub. Rapper



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