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Night Summary

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In the town of Sighet, Transylvania Elie Wiesel's friend, Moshe the Beadle, returns from a near fatal massacre of Jews, and tries to warn others but no one believes him. So the Germans invade the town and force all the Jews to move into small ghettos and wait for them to be deported. Eventually Elie and his family are forced onto the train and he rides all the way to Auschwitz with a hallucinating woman seeing fires and blazing furnaces.

When the train arrives at Auschwitz they can now see burning fires and smell burnt flesh, and are beaten off of the train by the Nazis. When they are forced into lines for a selection Elie and his father lie about their age to stay together, and his siblings and mother are sent to the gas chamber. Elie and his father is then sent to the showers, and given new clothes. They are then marched to Block 17 where they must sleep.

After waking up, they have a roll call, and then must march to another camp called Buna. He then goes to a dental check up and keeps his golden crown. After that they must learn to march in step, but his father has trouble. Days later Elie allows a dentist to remove his crown with a spoon. Next, one day when everyone is working Elie walks around to the back of a Block and finds a soldier with a polish girl; he then receives 25 whips and promises to never tell the secret.

A few weeks later an air-raid comes, and the prisoners are overjoyed, but then witness a hanging because one of them stole during the raid. In retaliation of a sabotaged bomb the Nazis hang three people, and a little boy takes over half an hour to die because he is so thin.

During the next selection, right after the Jewish New Year Elie runs by Dr. Mengele fast so he cannot write down his number. Three days later we find that his father was selected, but he passes the second selection, and is allowed to live.

In January of 1945 Elie's foot becomes swollen and must be entered into the hospital to drain the pus. At first he believes they had amputated his leg, but he finds that they didn't. Another inmate in the hospital tells Elie that he should leave as soon as possible because they have selection often in the hospital. A couple days later they learn that



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