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Newspapers have been around forever. They serve as a purpose to inform people what is going on in the world and in their own towns. The news on television is only on for about an hour, they would not be able to tell people what is going on in their individual towns. If there were no newspapers, people would have to make sure they watch TV or listen to the radio to get the news, but for people who work all day, that might be impossible.

There are so many other things that a newspaper has besides the news. They list accomplishments of the youth and even older people. It lets you voice an opinion for others to read in the editorial. If there were no newspapers, people would be sitting in front of their TVs all day watching, instead, it keeps people reading.

Without newspapers our daily lives would be changed forever. The news and radio would not be able to list everything that happened in a day, obituaries, or what is coming up in the week or month ahead. People would have to try to tape the news just in case they miss something or if they are not able to hear it.

One of the main differences between newspapers and TV is that newspapers are much more local: they let you know what is happening not just in your region or continent, but also in your town or community. Having its own newspapers is a source of pride for any town or city, and for the people living there as well.

If newspapers were actually to vanish from our day-to-day lives, we would be forced to move more to modern media like the internet. Newspapers on the internet do have the advantage of being potentially up to date up to the very minute of something happening. There are of course disadvantages as well: vast numbers of people (for example those who live in rural conditions) don't have access to the internet, and even for those who do, it can still be a complicated process for some, for example old people who have no experience



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