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Are Newspapers Dying

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Are Newspaper's Dying?

The first newspaper was printed in 1605, and has thrived throughout the centuries. They have provided the public with news including political events, crime, local news, sports, the weather and much more. However, with the recent growth of the internet, the newspaper business has faced many hardships. In most countries, paid circulation is falling. The question arises whether or not newspapers will die out completely, or adapt and overcome.

The world currently is changing at an alarming rate. Technology is booming at a an unprecedented rate and have brought many changes along with it. However the emergence of the internet isn't the first time that newspapers have had some competition. Both the invention of the radio and of television has allowed for different mediums through which news can be delivered to the public. Both have had it's negative effects on the newspaper industry, but have not completely replaced it.

Many people today think that print media has lost its appeal. The internet can provide the exact same news stories in seconds. Print media cannot match the efficiency of the internet, as immediate information exchange is available in seconds from almost anywhere in the world. It also cost no money to the user in most cases, whereas print newspapers cost the subscriber for every newspaper.

There is also the counter-argument to consider that print newspapers have more of an appeal than simply providing news to the public. Many people enjoy the feeling they get when they take time to relax and eat breakfast while reading the morning paper. Most people also agree that it is more enjoyable to read a newspaper print, than staring at a computer screen. This is probably why you rarely see people reading online novels, and still prefer the print versions. Having a portable, physical copy of the news can



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