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New York City

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Danielle Kachadourian


English 1010 MW – 2pm


New York City

        New York City is the place that I want to visit, revisit, and visit again. When I’m sightseeing or shopping there, I feel free. The first time going to NY when I was little was one of the greatest journeys I ever took. I never experienced anything so hectic but yet so beautiful before. When going to New York City on the Peter Pan Bus, which is enjoyable but can be long and uncomfortable. After a while, it is an amazing feeling like no other. Riding through all of the different cities really opens my eyes and makes me realize how much of the world there is that I don’t get to see on a daily basis. Living in America is a fantastic privilege but living in NYC is something further even better. As I hop off the train, and make my way through the steamy humid train station, up the stairs, I wind up finding myself standing in the middle of all of the hectic and craziness also known as the Grand Central Station. Trying not to get lost making my way through the crowds as I stagger up those stairs into the jungle of vast buildings and I capture that first breath of city air, I declare to myself that this is freedom. The first thing I notice when I step onto the streets is the mobbed streets filled with taxi cabs and cars going to and fro in numerous directions, with the scent of exhaust surfing through the air. New York City is made up with extraordinary eye catching buildings that pierce the sky and the congested sidewalks with people desperate to shop in the famous stores in which celebrities dwell. As I make my way down the city street, the aroma of the many restaurants passes through my nostrils and gives me a craving for a NY Hot Dog sold by the street venders on the corner calling out my name. As I make my way down multiple streets trying to find my way towards Canal St. there are two guys standing on every corner passing out flyers and talking to strangers. They were asking people if they would like to buy designer handbags. My curiosity got to me so I said “yes I would”. I followed this guy for two blocks and then we turned down this sketchy dark alley. My heart starts racing and I start to shake and become scared because I have no idea what’s happening, I thought I was going to look at handbags. As we continue to walk down this alley we finally walk up a flight of stairs into this abandon building and the room is completely empty. I start to become even more scared and nervous. We then walk up 7 flights of stairs and wound up in this room with a bunch of stolen designer things. I enter the room with the handbags and the guy closed the door behind us and locked it. After spending 10 minutes I decided to leave. That same guy unlocked the door of us and basically told us to find our own way back from here.  As I continue my journey conquering all of the streets trying not to get lost in the Big Apple, I am passed by the ongoing flow of pedestrians talking on their cell phones and drinking a Starbucks while enjoying the city. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by people talking in scores of different languages such as: Spanish, Chinese, French etc.  The constant commotion of conversing voices rage up and down the streets as someone calls for a fast taxi. A mixed sound of various music styles like: rap, pop, hip-hop, rock mixed in with car horns and street garage music all band together to form one wild tune. New York City may be crazy but it definitely has its perks. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful and peaceful than being on the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building. The views of the concrete jungle were incredible. Looking down at the streets everyone and all of the vehicles looked like little tiny ants.  It’s true when they say that New York City is the city that never sleeps.  By the time it’s 11pm and time for me to leave, that city is still going and even though it dies down a little bit, the night life people keep it going. New York City at night is absolutely beautiful with all of the sparkling bright lights that make NY shine from miles away. People may think that Disney is the happiest place on earth, but for me, the happiest place on earth is The Big Apple.



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