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New York City

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Essay Preview: New York City

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If you live in the New York, I think you must love this city because there are several advantages over other cities. The new york is No 1 city in the america. First of all, many people would come to the here for the opportunities. They can have access to employment opportunities, which respect the workers’ right. So they can make more money than everywhere else in the world. Because of that the financial growth can increase very fast and they can also improve outstanding. Also work here it can improve their skills and competences. The another advantage is advanced public transportation. For example, when people go to work in the morning, they have a lot of choices. They can take buses, subway, trolly that can save their time. Also in here the car is very cheap, and they can easy drive a car to anywhere. The last one is the friendly people. They never feel uncomfortable if we find that they need help with something. They can learn about different city cultures and language, and they feel more freedom in here. New York also offers more than 10,000 restaurants, scores of museums, movies you won’t see anywhere else, any kind of music you feel like hearing, and hundreds of bookstores and other amenities. And all of it is just a stroll, a subway ride, or a taxi trip away. In brief, by living in New York, they discover many advantages which make their lives little be easy.



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