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"Never On A Sunday"

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Case 4 "Never on a Sunday", speaks on one of the most successful family owner and managed business, the McCoy's Building Supply Centers. The case gives descriptive details of the principles used to operate their business. In 1923 Frank McCoy started a roofing business. In 1960 under the management of his son Emmett McCoy, the company expanded its services selling roofing and other building materials directly to the general public. The McCoy's are a very religious family who carries their Evangelical Christian beliefs into their business causing all 103 stores to close on Sundays which is said to be the busiest day of commerce for retail. The McCoy's values and beliefs enable them to implement essential elements which facilitate the organization's overall success.

According to Organizational Behavior, "values" represent "broad preferences concerning appropriate courses of action or outcome" (83). Organizational Behavior elaborates on this definition stating, "Values reflect a person's sense of right and wrong or what ought to be" and that "values tend to influence attitudes and behavior" (83). The McCoy's being such a value driven family, has an outstanding sense of right and wrong, which influence their attitudes and behaviors within their business. For example, during a devastating hurricane the McCoy's offered their customers supplies at a regular price rather than giving into the supply and demand theory of marketing which would have doubled the company's profits.

Being Evangelical Christians the McCoy's believe in their faith by showing their commitment to God through action, not just talk. Beliefs and values create feelings that influence intended behavior, which is illustrated through the McCoy's 103 stores closing on Sundays. However, being closed on Sundays says two things to people: one that there is something special about how the McCoy's



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