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Early Sunday Morning

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Essay Preview: Early Sunday Morning

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The novel Early Sunday Morning was about a twelve-year-old girl named Amber Billows. Her father is a journalist and her family relocates quite a bit. Her journal starts out in Washington D.C. where Amber's father announces to her family that they would be moving to Hawaii where he can write more. Amber wasn't thrilled about the idea because she would have to make all new friends, and she would be far away from her extended family. She also judged Hawaii too quickly and thought it was going to be a substandard place to live. When she got there, the beauty of the islands amazed her. Her mother, who is an excellent cook, had her first dinner party in Hawaii on Thanksgiving with the Billows' family's new friends Lt. Lockhart and Mr. Poole. Everyone in Hawaii was worried about the Japanese coming, but Lt. Lockhart insisted, "The Japanese in Japan didn't worry him one bit." (page 75) It came to everyone's surprise that on early Sunday morning of December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was under attack by Japanese kamikazes. All of Amber's family was okay, but her mother went to the hospital to help care for wounded military men. Later on the following week, Amber was brave and went with her mother to treat the military and take care of them. Before long, all of Hawaii was under martial law, which meant that the military took over the government. Everybody who lived on the islands had to paint their windows black so no light showed out of them at night. This was to protect Hawaii from being attacked again. The Billows didn't have a traditional Christmas because there weren't any gifts or Christmas trees being imported in from the mainland. The best matter that happened on Christmas was Amber's friend, Kame and her aunt came over for Christmas dinner. After a pleasant, calming dinner, Amber's father then announced that their family was moving back to the mainland United States. They were again relocating, but to San



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