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Network Designs

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The Difference between a Network Logical and Physical Design

A logical network design refers to the logical addressing used to describe the network or the networks it connects to. A logical network design displays the IP Addresses linked with each component of the network. Typically, a logical network is a straightforward Class C network such as with the default subnet mask of; this allots up to 254 hosts to be connected directly to it without requiring routi

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Additionally, some consider it to be a good practice to leave the first 10 or 20 IP Addresses for critical network devices/hosts, such as gateways, routers, switches, servers and printers (TechTargetb, 2004). Overall, the physical design deals with everything defined in the logical design; these designs are considered to be integral parts to effectively and efficiently designing a network (TechTarget, 2004a).

There are several important facts that one should acquire in order to develop a logical design, such as who are the clients; what are their needs; what services will be provided; what protocol will be used; can they tolerate downtime; is there a need for an Internet connection specifically for internal network's users, or will only outside vendors access to the network?

Additionally, if designing a logical network one should take into consideration the future growth and expansion; some recommend that designers allot for an additional 50-60% growth of its current size; otherwise one can run into problems, such as running out of available IP Addresses.

This design typically involves a Diagramschematic of the actual floor the way it would look if one were peering down from the ceiling. It usually displays a central rack located in a restricted access room were all wiring from the walls terminate and



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