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Negative Influence of American Brands in Romania

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Essay Preview: Negative Influence of American Brands in Romania

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2015. We’re 26 years after the Romanian Revolution in 1989,when foreign brands weren’t allowed to penetrate our market because  the communist regime was protecting traditional,Romanian brands. What do you think about this move? Was it a good idea..or not? Now I’ll speak about the negative influence of American brands in our country.

1) McDonald’s, the american world's largest chain of fast food restaurant has a list of negative influences. Firstly,it promotes unhealthy food which contains too many calories and too little nutrition. If fast food become a regular component of our diet, we might find ourselves struggling with weight problems and ill health. Secondly,they use raw materials imported from another countries: for example,potatoes are imported from Bulgaria,not from our romanian growers,thing that won’t help our economy,too.

2) Philip Morris International is the american leading international tobacco company which produces in our country the main brands Marlboro, Parliament, Virginia Slims, L&M,and Chesterfield. Together with British American Tobacco,it has 90% of the cigarette production in Romania. This company has a negative impact in Romania,as well,because it is the main reason why all the traditional romanian factories disappeared(Carpati,Bucegi,Amiral,Snagov,Marasesti,Plugarul,etc).  Smoking is bad for our healh,too.

3) Cameron International Corporation is a popular American company which produces in our country equipments for the oil industry since 2004. Its appearance led to the disappearance of UPETROM 1 MAI factory,the ex biggest Romanian producer of oil industry equipments.

4) Coca Cola,the global leader in the beverage industry,since its entrance in our country,has developed negative influences,too.It monopolized the Romanian beverage industry and led to the disappearance of the local brands like Brifcor,CI-CO,etc. Besides that,the most negative effect is that the Coca Cola drink is slowly becoming addictive and it’s so unhealthy for us.



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