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Nature Of Logic And Perception

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Nature of logic and perception

Perception is reality! Oh really? To truly understand the concept of what perception and reality are there is a two part approach that I would like to consider; what is perception and what is reality. The purpose of this paper is to identify a work-related instance where perception of a situation was not correct. Evaluate what I thought was going on, what was really going on, and why was there such a difference. Unlike the old saying, perception is not always reality. In fact, perception usually skews reality by including a person's assumptions, biases and prejudices. Everybody has their own perception of reality and it's the differences in those perceptions that usually cause conflict and misunderstanding. Reality itself is based on facts. Critical thinkers are those people whose perceptions are closest to the reality of a situation. By learning to think critically, you can identify and remove those assumptions, biases and prejudices that cloud your thinking. Doing so will change your perceptions and allow you to see the reality of the situation. Clearer perceptions allow you to make better, more informed decisions based on facts.

I will identify how I envisioned my job. By clarifying what perception and reality are separately it will be brought out in paper how an individual can make the statement perception is reality without knowledge of a clear notion of the entire situation. I started working for _________ in 1998. I was so excited about this new move because when I interviewed for the position everything seemed so perfect. It seemed to be such a good opportunity for me with greater advancement possibilities. The first year went very good, but after that I started to see the "real" __________. I always heard people talking about some of the things that went on around there, but I never paid too much attention to all of the gossip because I never saw it first hand. The boss played favorites and after you were off his favorites list you really got to see that what people was saying was true. This boss that seemed to be so down to earth and very family oriented turned out to be a very spiteful person. He started having everybody spy on everyone else. I was not happy with having to spy on my co-workers and I voiced my opinion to him. He said it was his way of weeding out the bad people. But then I found out from other people that they also had to spy on other co-workers. I also had a guarantee that I was get tuition assistance when I started to work towards my bachelor's degree. When I turned in all of the information that he wanted about the school program he backed out the deal.

My boss was kind of like Jekyll and Hyde. One day he was really nice to you and the next day he would turn around and scream at you in front of other people that you were an idiot. I read an article in our local newspaper and I found it very interesting and it hit on exactly how my boss actually turned out to be. I learned that there are four types of bully bosses. You have your screaming mimi, two-headed snake, constant critic, and the gatekeeper. The screaming mimi is the first-pounding, vein-bulging manic who chooses public settings to yell at you. The two-headed snake is the smarmy Jekyll and Hyde back-stabber. The constant critic is the one that gets you behind closed doors and tries to erode your confidence in your own competence. And finally the gatekeeper is the one that holds the resources



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