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Nature Of Logic And Perception

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America Was Not Founded on Christian Principles

Mark Weldon Whitten discusses seven evidences he feels supports the separation of state issue. The seven evidences surround mainly, the actions of the authors, the verbiage and purpose of the First Amendment. Whitten's seven "evidences" are, for the most part, substantial evidence. His proof is based on mostly assumptions, including one author's opinion. He does, however, clearly discern that there is a difference between separating church and state and guaranteeing the free exercise of religion.

Prohibiting School Prayer Threatens Religious Liberty

Linda Bowles voices concern regarding majority rights as well as showing evidence that regardless of the U.S. Constitution, several state Constitutions hold on the being "Grateful to Almighty God." Her concern is that the majority of the public, who are in favor of prayer being allowed in schools, are being railroaded by the justice system for the sake of the minority who do not want prayer a part of public schools. She goes on to say, "Forty-six of the 50 states have preambles invoking the name of God."

The Separation of Church and State Harms American Culture

Roy S. Moore defines what religious activities have meant to the government throughout history. He provides an explanation of what he feels the First Amendment's purpose is. He also goes on to show that by denying religious activities in public, it goes against the "Free Exercise clause". Moore continually points out that many federal government officials have participated in religious activities and shows that the laws provided have been written with the Ten Commandments in mind.



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