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National Service Training Program

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Mariane R. Cardenas



National Service Training Program (NSTP) is a required subject mandated by law. At first, I only required myself to attend and give presence every meeting for the sake of passing and completion of units. Little did I know that NSTP was not just a subject to attend rather exposing one's self into realities of life.

As a first-year student one of the most important thing that I've learned in the entire semester was about the four values of good citizenship. An act of maka-Diyos is a good citizenship that values life, work and had faith in the Almighty God. While an act of maka-Tao is a good citizenship that values love, peace, truth and justice. Maka-Bayan is treating one another with equality and dignity, respect for fellow human beings regardless of their race, religion, sex and social status. Lastly, a good citizenship that values the environment is an act of maka-Kalikasan. This value means launching an efficient and sustainable “clean and green” program nationwide. It was the fondest memory too because we've got to work as one team creating our banner.

If im not mistaken it was during the midterms when Disaster Risk Reduction seminar was held. During the DRR seminar, I have learned that disaster is different from hazards. Hazards are always present in a community; however, hazards become disasters whenever care and precaution are not taken and considered. But why do we need to address the issue of disasters in our country? There is a need to address this issue because it is about lives of people in our country. This is a serious matter. Without proper planning, more and more Filipinos would suffer from the harsh disasters in our country. Without the goal to have a plan for such disasters, our vulnerabilities will worsen, and our capacities will be ignored. That’s why I am thankful for this seminar because it is important during emergency situations especially whenever there is no one informed with a basic life support unless you. In addition, Drug and Substance Abuse Prevention was also discussed that time. The speaker told us the different kinds of drugs and its effects on our body.

Lastly, we had our entrepreneurial seminar. The speaker taught us that being an entrepreneur should not be just about making money, but also making a difference. It should be about making life better not only for ourselves, but for others as well. To have a meaningful life, we need to be part of the lives of others by sharing what we have. For entrepreneurs, part of their success is being able to extend their hands to others who dream of making a difference. It is like being the vessel of hope and encouragement to aspiring entrepreneurs.



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