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Narratve Essay

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Much Ado About Nothing-Essay

In the play Much Ado About Nothing, there is a lot of deceit. Deception falls under the category of the human condition. It is what the reaction of the person. When one gets betrayed, it is usually followed by anger or sadness. That is the human condition. An example of deception is when Hero is left at the wedding alter by Claudio. Another example is Don Jon. Him and Claudio were good friends, and for no reason at all, Don Jon decided to make up a lie about Hero. A third example is Borachio to Claudio. When Don Jon asked Borachio to go along with his plan, he accepted, and kept the secret from Claudio.

When Claudio first met Hero, they fell in love and decided to get married. Don Jon chose to lie to Claudio, and tell him that Hero was a slut. Since they had just met, it was hard for Claudio to trust Hero and he would have believed her if he knew her well enough. Claudio hadn't told anyone about what he had seen, and kept it a secret. He planned that on the day of the wedding, he would shame Hero at the altar in front of everyone. An unmarried woman who was not a virgin was considered a whore, and when Claudio announced the news to the whole town, Hero was extremely embarrassed. This embarrassment affected her reputation and the way people thought of her to be. She had to fake her death because she was so ashamed. Although after Claudio finds out that it is not true, he marries Hero in the end. This demonstrates the human condition, which shows how someone would feel if they were embarrassed like Hero was.

During the war, Don Jon and Claudio were very good friends. Then all of a sudden, for no reason at all, Don Jon decided to tell a lie about Hero being a whore. He planned for Borachio to have sex with Margaret, Hero's servant. Margaret was not aware of the plot that Don Jon had made, and had no idea she was affecting anyone. In order for Claudio to believe it was truly Hero which was with Borachio, Borachio persuaded Margaret to wear Hero's clothes while having sex which would be visible from a distance. When Claudio saw Borachio and Margaret making love, he was convinced to believe it had to be Hero because of the clothes



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