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N Word

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The N word is one of the most offensive terms in the English language. I really don't understand how our own people can use a word that has so much hate behind it and feel no remorse after saying it. It was a term used to oppress black people and make them seem like they weren't even human. I feel that the efforts taken by the NAACP are very commendable and they should do more to try and ban the word. The N word was a word that white people used to slander and degrade African Americans. I doesn't make sense to me that we would degrade ourselves by using the word.

Some entertainers think that using the word helps them make their image look better. I see the exact opposite. Some Hip -Hop artists think that they have to say the word to make them sell more records. That's definitely not the case in my eyes it makes them look weaker that they would have to stoop that low and make a whole race look bad just to make a quick buck. I don't think that anyone should use the word regardless of race. It means the same thing whether a Black White, Hispanic or Asian says it. It means the same thing and its wrong. I believe that the NAACP should have been trying to ban the word years ago I think the whole situation with Don Imus is the reason for this but as I stated before this should have taken place years ago there have been other significant events in the media where the word has been used and no action was taken place. But I guess its safe to safe better now than never. If people that say the word only knew the vulgar and hateful meaning behind the word I very seriously doubt that they would be using it. Some people use the word because they hear the word so often that they think its cool to use and it really isn't.

The entertainment industry uses the word so often sometimes people don't even realize what they are saying to them it seems like just another word in the English language. I don't understand how some of us African



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