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Thrown up in public: yea, in an airplane and i couldnt get was horrible

Eaten or drank anything spoiled: probably but i usually make my mom taste the milk first

Had a rip in your pants and didn\'t

know it: yea but it was in the crotchal region so you couldnt really see it

Tripped while checking someone out: probably

Had to pay from something you broke: yea...i hate that

Nearly drowned: yea a couple times but i was young

Passed out: uh huh

Had a crush on somebody: of course who hasnt?

Been stuck in the rain: more times then i can count....i love it me and maile are the queens of dancing in the rain

Been attacked by an animal: yes...very scary

Caught people having sex: ew yes want to forget about it

Fallen asleep while driving: no only maile does that

Felt attracted to someone of the same sex: naw, i think some girls are hot but other then that no

Actually slipped on a banana peel: no i dont think it is possible


I once had a dream... fuck i dont know

Im only racist towards... not racist

I dont even know why.... i care so much

Nothing sucks more than... confusion and disappointment

If I had 6 bucks Id buy... nothing...i would put it in my semester at sea savings jar

Its hot I would take off my...pants...haha only iin my room tho

You cannot

eat steak without...a knife

You better shut up before I...get pissed and hit you

I really like you and everything're too damn weird


A dirty old guy slaps your ass: hit him

Somebody was about to steal your car: call my cop friend chad...honestly tho where do u go with a stolen car on an island?

You wake up with a billion spiders crawling all over you and your bed: freak out!

You farted while giving a persuasive speech in class: well, i would be bright red anyway from talking in front of class, so i would just hope no one noticed

The person you just kissed tell you that they have oral herpes: kick them then disinfect my mouth for hours

You had tress wishes: 1. endless amounts of money 2. a cure fo rmy crazy family 3. permanent happiness for everyone

The governmet allowed you to choose on thing to be made illegal and one thing to be legalized: illiegal: cigarettes legal: pot

Britney Spears was at your front door asking for jumper cables:haha love makana's answer i dont know charge her $1000?

You had a time machine: travel to every time period

Fox gave you a half hour show to do whatever you wanted: wow just tape maile and me for 30 minutes and all the fun retarded things we all do in the dorms

Would you rather have a cure for cancer or a cure for AIDS: that's a REALLY hard question...i guess AIDS because it can be spread to other people.

Would you rather have to power to fly or teleport: fly for sure what the destination



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