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My Philosophy Of Nursing

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Essay Preview: My Philosophy Of Nursing

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The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of my philosophy of nursing. Which everybody has their own philosophy of Nursing. Nursing can be defined in many ways. There is no wrong definition of Nursing. As you view my paper you will notice that I define a nurse as someone who is helpful, caring, and well educated about their career. Nurses typically are caregivers. Nursing is an interesting and rewarding career. Also this paper will provide you with information about what type of nurse I want to be and why I want to be that type of nurse. Overall, my paper will provide you with very interesting facts and my philosophy of nursing that may be helpful to you and other nursing students.

My Philosophy of a Nurse

I am a future nurse and I believe Nursing is the most helpful job in the world. When I do become a nurse I will have the chance to serve and help other. Serving others and their needs before my own needs will make a difference. My words and my actions can save one of my patient's lives when I become a successful nurse. To me there is no greater reward than to help a patient heal or recover from their illness. Nursing is a great career that gives the greatest opportunity to save people lives, comfort, and care for them. I would love to provide strength, understanding, and love to a patient, their family members, and close friends.

I also believe that Nursing is a very interesting career. When you become a nurse you get to interact and communicate with people of all ages, sizes, and different races. Nurses care for people and help their patients through their illness from all over the world. Nurses encourage, prevent diseases, and educate others. To me a nurse is basically someone who is honest and a caregiver that provides their patients with the best information about their illness or sickness. "Caring for people is one of the main resources of becoming a successful nurse" ( ) . Most nurses are concerned with the health and wellness of their patients in a physical and emotional way.

However, the process of becoming a nurse is quiet difficult When becoming a nurse you must maintain a positive attitude and remember why you pick the career of Nursing. "Nursing requires a lot of dedication with years of study and preparation but its all worth it" ( Remember you could save someone's life by becoming a nurse. I heard that "the best nurses are the ones who put a lot of extra time into their studies." Nurses need a lot of love, knowledge, and skills to help them do the right things that will comfort and heal their patient's body and health. Even though Nursing is a hard career many people still have the dream of becoming a successful nurse. Which I still have the dream of becoming a pediatric nurse one day even though I'm struggling in my Nursing classes right now.

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of becoming a pediatric nurse because I have love and devotion towards sick children. "A pediatric nurse is a professional registered nurse (RN) who assists medical doctors in their tasks



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