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My Essay on Authors

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        Authors have been given the talents to draw readers in by making them emotionally attached, with using imagery, their word choices, and the themes the touch on. Every authors tend to have their own style of writing they are defined too as well. Each one of them is described to their own style. There were many writers between the 1600 and 1800 such as Anne Bradstreet, Mary Rowlandson, William Bradford, and John Winthrop were each unique in their own ways and also similar in some areas as well.

Each of the authors tend to write with their Puritan faith. All of them wrote with an emphasis that acknowledged God in their lives. Some, like Bradford and Winthrop wrote persuasively, with great importance to the topic they were disusing in their writing. Others like Anne, who wrote with admiration of God’s world. Then when you would read Mary's writings you could feel her heartache and misery, but with still some reassurance that her situation was God's plan for her.

One of the differences between the each of the authors' gender would be purpose. Both Winthrop and Bradford possessed their works with the intention of persuading the minds of others. However, with Bradstreet and Rowlandson, they wrote for self-condolence. Each of the women both needed an escape form their hardships and comfort of God's sovereignty which they both then wrote on. While the men did write of God's sovereignty, they wanted to engage their readers and change themselves for the better of the community. When Bradstreet wrote, she wrote with encouragement and hope, also she had a sort of humbleness to her as well. Mary wrote to ease the pain from her being held captive by the Indian and her tragic loss of her loved ones. Both had similar faith in God and passion for writing that allowed them to survive their contrasting hardships they went through. The men on the other hand, wrote the idea that faith brings people together, also writing for people who had been through similar experiences in the hopes to work through their situations.  



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