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Muslim Rights

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Rites of Passage

In the following I am going to relate my birth and childhood to that of Muslim ways. I am also going to compare death in my life to death in the Muslim culture. In the Muslim culture there are many strict rituals at both birth and death and I will further explain in the following paragraphs.

In my culture I was given a name before I was born and the name could be the same as anybody else. In Muslim culture the baby would be named seven days after birth. Like my culture names like Joe and Josh were common in my culture much like Muhammad in the Muslim culture. The children were taught prayers when they were little in the Muslim culture and in my culture we were also taught prayers when we were little. Even though the Muslim culture is much different than mine there are still a few things that are the same.

In my culture when you die it is thought that we go to a better place, this is the same in the Muslim culture. In our culture a funeral consist of some prayers and a burial, the same is done in the Muslim culture minus the casket. We have a funeral procession that leads to ones burial. The Muslim culture also has a procession to bury there loved ones. There are many things that are the same in our culture and the Muslim culture, yet many things are different.

This exercise taught me a lot about the Muslim culture because most of the stuff they said about burials and childhood I didn't really know about. I felt this exercise was interesting and going to look further into the Muslim culture. The Muslim culture is diverse and has a lot of history.



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