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Music Is My Life

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Music is my life. Especially rap. I listen to it all day and fall asleep with is playing by my side. And explicit or not I still love it. I even like to write my own music every now and then and if I couldn't have explicit lyrics I really wouldn't have a practical way of expressing myself. Explicit lyrics get the point through to the listeners most of the time. And it could be it's own hook because it always catches your attention. And for those that say they don't like it and complain about it only complain caught their attention. And believe me they know the words.

I think explicit lyrics should not be banned. To ban the lyrics would be a violation of the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech. Everybody should be allowed to express themselves and that is what rap lyrics are, a way of expressing yourself. And if people were not allowed to express themselves we would not have a real country. In fact, we wouldn't have war. Even George Bush himself expresses himself in violent ways. But what he is doing is much worst. He uses force and all rap lyrics are using is words.

If you think about it there are a lot of different forms of explicit lyrics in the world. Not just in rap and music. What about in movies? There are plenty of things that are explicit that we watch. What about T-shirts with violent sayings? Or posters that have people holding guns. What about video games? The ones that have the characters that curse. Or just any old Television shows that have to bleep peoples words out every other sentence? We don't ban those things. So why should we ban explicit rap lyrics.

All those things have rating to let parents know what to not let their kids watch. So what not put ratings on music? I think that if we rate our music we wont need to ban it. Because there will be no reason to blame the rappers for their "explicit rap lyrics". Because you know what you buying before you buy it.



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