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Music Is My Life And Soul

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Music is my life and soul. The notes are the blood that flow through my veins. They flow to my beating heart. The heart gives the rhythm to my body so it can do all its functions effectively. Music stimulates my brain to function. The voices call me to wake up. Without music my heart beat would stop and the notes would stop flowing. The music helps me function. It helps me with school and sports. It helps me excel to the top level.

One of my favorite aspects of music is making it. I love writing songs. Though I am still an amateur, I am determined to improve my skills. I get the most pleasure from a breakthrough lyric, when the words come together perfectly. if you can give it enough time, though, than you can come out with a platinum quality product. My favorite thing to lay down is the beat. This is my favorite part about making music. I can spend days working to make a song better. I love perfecting just the right mix. At Christmas, I received a computer program that allows me to create beats and samples. I experiment with various beats, messing around with the beat until I get just the right one. My dream Is to go into a studio and be able to put together some full length tracks. Maybe someday I'll even come out with an album.

Exploring the music world is the most enjoyable part of music. It is so satisfiying to find a great song that no one else has heard of. Building my library gives me a sense of accomplishment. Right now I'm almost to four thousand songs. I have a meticulous and extencive process of finding songs. Many of my songs, I first listen to on similarity song online radio station). I also have a account which helps me communicate with other music lovers and we can talk about different music and new hit tracks. I browse through scores of tracks before I download the best one or two. My favorite music categories are alternative hip-hop and indie rock/pop. I find that indie rock helps me concentrate



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