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Multimedia Production And Design

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Executive Summary

This documentation will consist of an in depth proposal and production document for creating a CD-ROM for students considering University.

With the rapid increase in the number of students, enrolling into higher education ( the demand to provide and supply an efficient and effective environment is becoming more and more critical. Although the number of people obtaining higher education qualification is increasing and becoming popular, it is still considered that higher education is valuable (Tysome 1996) in order to improve and develop individualsÐ'ÐŽÐ'¦ career prospects. Having this in mind the CD-ROM that will be created will make it easier for the students to decide why they should choose Huddersfield University.

The first part of the document will consist of the proposal for the CD-ROM including the research conducted by informal interviews, questionnaires, and meetings with clients and users. The second focal point will be the production element where it will provide all the methods used creating and developing the CD-ROM. It will have user interfaces, concept maps, storyboards, screen shots of design, and finally the resources that will be used to create the CD-ROM.

Table of contents

1: Introduction 3

2: Problem, Client/ Market Analysis, Users and Product 4

2:1 Problem 4

2:2 Client/Market 4

2.3 Users 4

2:4 Products 5

3: Brief Research Summary 5

4: Requirements, Assets, and Tools 5

4:1 User Requirements 5

4:2 Assets and Tools 10

4:3 Skills and knowledge required for development 12

5: Testing 13

6: Product Specification 14

7: Product Plan 15

8: Bibliography 16

1: Introduction

After completing a course of study within higher education, many benefits are bought to you on many levels. Graduating from your university in terms of your future job a degree can lead to a potential increased earning, greater opportunities, and rewarding career.

Whether their have just left sixth form, college, or just want to go back to higher education who already pursuing their careers, a higher education can increase your employment prospects, and many employers have realised to the value of ongoing life long learning programs for their staff.

However there is far more to higher education than just studying. Universities and higher education colleges are thriving social and cultural centers, with much to offer students of any age, nationality or social background.

My aim is to create a CD-ROM which shows a new product that will be in the educational sector of the market. The product that I have chosen is based on Huddersfield University, it will show a clear view of the university facilities, what there is to offer to new students and what Huddersfield town offers. The product will be targeted at college/sixth form leavers who are thinking of further education and are considering going to university.

2: Problem, Client/ Market Analysis, Users and Product

2:1 Problem

University life this is the opportunity youÐ'ÐŽÐ'¦ve been waiting for, chance to stand on your two feet and enjoying new experiences. One of the best parts of University life is living away from home, having the freedom, getting to meet new people, and after a hard dayÐ'ÐŽÐ'¦s study you can go out and have fun. An important feature of being at University and studying is managing your time, its up to you on how you study how much time and effort you put in to your the work, when you go out shopping or have a night out. All of this is good as long as you organise and manage everything on a weekly or monthly schedule.

Finding the right University that suits you can be time consuming and can cause a lot of stress. You can hear a lot of good things about certain Universities but once you go and visit on open days did not really live up to your expectations, this can really put you down as you may have hoped so much for it. Looking at Universities over the internet may just be too much information and take a lot of time.

2:2 Client/Market

Possible clients could be different Universities but my main client for the project is Huddersfield University. The University will distribute the CD-ROM to final year students in sixth form schools and also colleges. The CD-ROM will be presented when the students will be filling in the UCAS forms. This will allow the students to view the product in their own time and also get an insight view of Huddersfield University made simple to understand and to the point and is less time consuming.

2.3 Users

The users will be both male and females aged from 18+ who want to go to University. it will explain to the students the history of the University, what to expect, student life, and what opportunities are available to you. When students will get information pack on universities my CD-ROM will be there for all the students

2:4 Products

The product will be a CD-ROM for students who applying for Universities, the information presented will allow the students to find it easy to choose Huddersfield University

Benefits of the product;

Ð'„Ð'« Insight of the university

Ð'„Ð'« Help decide which university to go to

Ð'„Ð'« After viewing the product students will get a better feel of what to expect whereas in open days donÐ'ÐŽÐ'¦t really know what to expect

Ð'„Ð'« Research already done for the students

What the product may have;

Ð'„Ð'« What the university has to offer

Ð'„Ð'« Student life

Ð'„Ð'« Accommodation



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