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Mtns Beyond Mtns Essay

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Mountains Beyond Mountains Essay

Paul Farmer was a kind, devoted doctor who sacrificed his life to help those in need in Haiti. His work involved curing sick people from tuberculosis (TB), making sure the disease did not spread, and making the towns in Haiti a better, cleaner place to live in. There were and still are many social injustices that Haiti is still struggling with today. For example, they have TB outbreaks because there’s no healthcare in the country for the poor. This has increased the outbreak of TB and many other diseases. Also, their poor living conditions aren’t sanitary thus increasing the probability for diseases to spread. There are many more social injustices in Haiti.

Dr. Paul Farmer’s vocation is providing healthcare to those less fortunate. He medically treats the Haitians for TB. Paul devoted his whole life to helping the Haitians with their healthcare problems and living conditions. He gave them proper medicine and was able to do this through global fundraising and fighting the large pharmaceutical companies. But unfortunately, with this came sacrifice. Paul had to stay in Haiti for months at a time; he was unable to see his wife and kids. Because of this, his wife eventually left him. But Paul was so devoted in his work in Haiti it appeared he did not care about his personal life because Paul’s work was his life. He considered the people of Haiti, which were his patients, his family. He wasn’t paid for his work; money didn’t matter. All the medicine and food he got was paid from various fundraising efforts. Because of this, he still did not receive enough money for all the medicine he needed. Even though he devoted his time and energy to help people that weren’t receiving proper medical care because of the area of the world they lived in he had difficultly gaining support from others to help his cause.

Haiti was and still is the victim of many social injustices. The poor cannot meet their basic fundamental needs to survive. They do not have adequate food, water, shelter, or medicine to live a healthy life style. That is why so many of them fall victim to disease. Another social injustice is that Haiti is just being used for its natural resources and no one really cares about its people and how they are affected by this. When a damn was built, villages were flooded, so all of the people that lived there lost all of their belongings. The major social injustices are the class difference between the rich and the poor. The living conditions the poor live in are inhumane, but the rich live in very nice houses. Also the inequalities between the city and rural areas. Paul Farmer does the best he can to address these social injustice issues. He gives his patients food and water to help ensure they stay healthy and are able to fight off the disease. Farmer traveled great distances to make certain a patient was getting better and taking their medicine. Paul Farmer’s work is not just curing the people of Haiti from TB and MDR, but also trying to address the social injustices the poor endure.

Dr. Paul Farmer employees a few strategies to help fight TB and the social injustices in Haiti. Farmer is driven with his work; he educates his fellow employees



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