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Mt. Dew

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Mountain Dew

Commercial/Case Analysis

Hannah Allen, Valbona Gashi, Clerbie Montilus, Gabe Perez,

Katherine Rach, Vanesa Rosiri, Katie Tom

Mock Opera

The Mock Opera advertisement that BBDO had created was clever and well thought out. The song, Bohemian Rhapsody, although it was a relatively old song, was still very popular. The fact that it was performed as a parody and the alternative sports athletes were being featured, would have solidified the association between Mountain Dew and youth culture. Bohemian Rhapsody would have appealed to Mountain Dew's target market, young adult male. The melody gave the commercial an energized feel which was also exaggerated by the alternative sports shown.

The downside of this advertisement is that it does not convey exactly how much people love Mountain Dew. It did not show how far one would be willing to go to obtain a Mountain Dew. This advertisement is more focused on the athletic feats in the background and the Dew Dudes singing their Bohemian Rhapsody parody than the actual product.

The idea also seems very expensive to create in a commercial. Paying the Dew Dudes, the athletes and writing team to create the altered lyrics seem like a very steep bill to be paying for a commercial that doesn't aggressively market Mountain Dew.


Of the ten advertisements BBDO presented to PepsiCo for evaluation, five were further taken into deeper consideration. One of the advertisements chosen was one entitled "Cheetah," in which it involves one the Dew Dudes chasing down a cheetah that stole his Mountain Dew with his bike, and then wrestles with the cheetah for it back before finally grabbing it out of the cheetah's stomach only to see that it is already empty. This advertisement fit very well with the image of being a drink that provided energy and vigor, and also brought out a sort of courageousness in the person by showing that they will perform whatever activity necessary, no matter how dangerous it may be in order for them to achieve a Mountain Dew.

Strong aspects about this advertisement were that it strongly portrayed the message they were trying to aim at their consumers. Before the release of this commercial, the series of commercials prior to it had shown the Dew Dudes performing various stunts much like the one performed in the Cheetah Commercial. Relative to the other final five selected for further evaluation, the Cheetah Commercial seemed most dangerous since it showed actual conflict and fighting of man with a dangerous predator of nature. Just like how the drive to steal back the Mountain Dew from the Cheetah is what motivated the Dew Dude, BBDO hopes that in seeing this advertisement, it will also instill in consumers a feeling of bravery after drinking Mountain Dew.

A weakness of this advertisement is that it seems very unrealistic, in which it is highly unlikely that anyone can actually outrun a cheetah, can survive tackling a cheetah, or even that a person would still have their arm after going into a cheetah's stomach and pull something like a can of soda out. Although this unrealistic aspect is a weakness, it can also be positive in which it is what is seen as entertaining to viewers, and is what really captures the attention of the audience.

Dew or Die

In this ad, the Dew Dudes try to foil the plot of a villain who wants to destroy the world. They go down a mountain, but get sidetracked with some ladies but "accidentally" save the world anyway. Looking this up online was difficult resulting in a homemade video for Mountain Dew with the same title only the story was of a group of "friends" going on a road trip when one is killed by the other unclearly, but probably for extra Dew. Based on the obscurity of this ad, it probably was not a successful ad or even more likely, it was not made at all. The story was so-so compared to the famous Cheetah commercial or even the current Chuck Norris one. The story line does not truly match to the brand image Mountain Dew portrays like in the Cheetah commercial. Their psychographic imagery is supposed to be exciting but it seems in this ad, it fizzles out. They are saving the world and doing extreme moves down a snow-covered mountain, but them they just get sidetracked with some girls and "accidentally" save the world. While it is suppose to be funny that they get all stupid around girls yet manage to save the world in the end, it takes away from "intense experience" of the ad. In the Cheetah ad, the dude takes the can from the cat's mouth, exciting. In Dew or Die, I picture the dudes in a Jacuzzi snuggling up to some girls, not so "adventurous." The drink is supposed to give an "energy boost," but it seems to die away after daringly going down the mountain to a less active setting with the girls. It tries to hard to be funny with overdramatic end-of-the -world plot and "accidental" saving of the world. It is trying to emulate action-comedies of its time like Austin Powers, but in a less effective and funny way. It misses the "cool" and "active" objectives set because of it's silly melodrama. While the ad does reach their objective in targeting "18 yr. old leading edge male" because of the girls and the bit of adventure, it fails to completely maintain its product and psychographic imagery.

Labor of Love

One of the concepts that were considered for the Mountain Dew ad campaign was "Labor of Love". The idea was about the birth of the Mountain Dew drinker. Set in a delivery room with a woman in labor, the doctor calls out "code green" and stands back to catch the baby with a baseball mitt as it shoots out of the mother like a cannon. There are pros and cons to this advertisement campaign which helped Mountain Dew decide whether or not to use it. This advert would be targeted towards athletic people, probably males between the ages of 18 and upwards.

There are some pros for Mountain Dew to choose this campaign. One of them is that viewers will pay attention to it as the image would catch their attention. The target audience would pay attention to the woman giving birth and also the sports aspect being brought in. This advert moves away from the usual ad campaign that Mountain Dew uses with the extreme sports which might attract older drinkers. They may also be able to relate to being in a delivery room giving birth. They will enjoy the humour of the Doctor catching the baby in a baseball mitt. As the Doctor shouts "Code



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