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Movie "glory" Extra Credit Apush

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Essay Preview: Movie "glory" Extra Credit Apush

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Part I: Summary

In the ambitious, yet stimulating Historical Drama, “GLORY” began its screenplay with background information on the main character, Robert Gould Shaw, astonishingly and dramatically acted by Matthew Broderick. Robert Gould Shaw was an American soldier in the Union Army during the Civil War, hence why the setting of the movie is what it is. Born into a prominent abolitionist family, he accepted command of the first all-black regiment in the Northeast and encouraged the men to refuse their pay until it was equal to the white troops’ wage. At the Second Battle of Fort Wagner, a beachhead near Charleston, South Carolina, Shaw was killed while leading his men to the parapet of the enemy fort. Although they were overwhelmed and driven back, Shaw’s leadership passed into legend with a unit that inspired tens of thousands more African-Americans to enlist for the Union and contribute to its ultimate victor. The background only included short amounts of information about him but I believe it was important for me to go out and do small amounts of research about him before I continued on with the movie.

At the end of the short biography, it stated that, “He wrote home regularly, telling his parents of his life in the gathering Army of the Potomac.” The letters are still perceived at Harvard University. That is what the movie begins with, Robert writing one on his letters to his parents. The movie then horrifically transitions to a war zone. This war represented the Battle of Antietam. Robert marastically survives through that, “...terrible day” as his father describes. When Robert is home he has a short inconterment with Fredrick Douglas who still yet has to know some of Roberts inspirations with equality for every man. Not so short after, Robert and his good friend Cabot Forbes is inspired by his dreams and then inspires another, Thomas. This then results in a large recruitment of African American knowingly, Robert will be their commander.

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As the movie continues, much training is done for these new soldiers. Other white soldiers had to heavily train these men but it is also seen how they are also being harassed verbally and physically. Robert takes notice and also

takes notice on how fast these black soldiers are learning, quicker than most white soldiers. Also how relaxed and carefree they are after hours in their camps. The next scene is actually quiet moving because after Roberts statement to the African American soldiers that, “You will return back to slavery after war” He assumed that they would of all left but the next morning finds all of them ready and set to start that day of training.

Despite Roberts love for his friends and his passion, he still trains them difficult. It is understand because he clearly does not want friends or anyone to die in battle if they weren't properly trained. He needs them to know what they are going to face, feel, hear, and see during battle. With that, shows much care for them. Though this feeling is controversial because in a later more dramatic scene, Robert is ask by another soldier that one of the recruiters needs to be punished for something he had done. His punished meant was to be wiped. The only person who actually has a say in this is him to which he agrees on. “Trip” or Denzel Washington, is the man that faced that punishment. Later that night, Commander Robert is facing some conflicting thoughts about what he had done earlier that day. So, he goes down to the soldiers camp and stops to talk to one of them, his name was John Rawlins. (Morgan Freeman) Their Robert discovers that Trip, who was wiped was only looking for shoes. He sees that his feet were bloody with skin torn. Almost every black soldiers feet look that way, painful and worn out. What Robert does the next morning is goes to the man who sends out request that the commander ask for and demanded 600 pairs of shoes and socks for every foot. With a little harassive convincing, he is then finally received the shoes and socks. That was a very heartwarming moment in the movie.

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Later, after that scene Commander Robert gives a statement on how since these soldiers are black they will not receive equal pay as white soldier. Something he was passionate to change even before given his position. A riot breaks out and all believe that, that is an unfair thing to do since at the

end, everyone is risking their lives. Robert does something drastic and pleds, out loud his belief. “If you shall not receive your pay, no one will.” (he says ripping his check.)

As the movie continues, the soldiers begin marching in their blue suits to Beaufort, South Carolina. This was in the summer of June 9th, 1863. As they have rested and continued their march, three days later they reach Darien Georgia on June 11th, 1863. Here, is where new action begins. As another commander and his troops step in their commander tells them and start destroying the town and burn down every house and kill every animal in sight. Robert is hit with a decision to make, either to tell his troops to do the same or not and have them taken away from his command. He chooses to let them destroy the town as well. Though it was not something he wanted.

Later Robert begins to realize his men aren't the cheerful being as they once were during after hours in their camps. He thinks its because the men are beginning to lose hope. Their “Morality” is changing, they just want to be given a chance and prove themselves. Robert goes and talks to yet another Commander, much higher than his to request that his men go out into battle and stop being used for labor. Again, with a little demanding, Roberts request is answered and shortly after him and his men reach their first battle lines in James Island, South Carolina. This took place on July 16, 1863. As the Union set out their first shots a retreat occurs and victory only seemed too easy. But only seconds later, the actual battle begin. Here, the men face their first encounter with the South. At the end of the battle, the south left fleeing thus leaving the North (the Union) in that victory. An important or more of an impact event that occured with that was when Roberts friend

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Thomas had been shot. Thomas made his Robert, his long time friend, to promise him not to be sent home.

After this, the men are getting ready for there next battle. One commander tells Robert that his men haven't



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