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Company History

Motorola's role as leader, innovator and visionary in mobile communications is well-known. Originally founded by Paul and Joseph Galvin as the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation in 1928, Motorola has come a long way since introducing its first product, the battery eliminator. For more than 75 years, Motorola has proven itself a global leader in wireless, broadband and automotive communications technologies, and has become a company recognized for its dedication to ethical business practices and pioneering role in important innovations.

Motorola has kept moving at the pace people are living. Its products have grown and changed over the years, and its drive for excellence has strengthened and intensified. The company has been the leading provider of two-way radio services to public safety, government, transportation, utility and manufacturing enterprises.

Being the leader in embedded processor production, Motorola has developed a broad array of microprocessors for a wide range of products, like video games and advanced digital cameras. In personal communications, Motorola changed the way the world communicates, from the introduction of the DynaTAC cell phone in 1983 to today's sleek handsets and innovative technology for mobile telephone service. It is also a key supplier of integrated systems for automobiles, portable electronic devices and industrial equipment.

Throughout its history, Motorola has transformed innovative ideas into products that connect people to each other and the world around them. Moving forward, the company strives to keep its commitment of making things better and life easier.

Company Information

Motorola is a Fortune 100 global communications leader that provides seamless mobility products and solutions across wireless, broadband and automotive communications technology as well as embedded electronic products. The companies headquarter is in Schaumberg, Illinois but Motorola has 320 facilities in 73 countries all over the world. Motorola's CEO and Chairman is Edward J. Zander. They employ approximately 68,000 people worldwide and had sales of $31.3 billion in 2004. The sales for the first quarter of 2005 were $8.16 billion which is an increase compared to the first quarter in 2004 with $7.44 billion.

Motorola's common stock is listed in the New York, Chicago and Tokyo Stock Exchanges. Today, Motorola is comprised of four businesses: Connected Home Solutions, Government & Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Mobile Devices, and Networks.

As of 4/5/20052:09pm ET MOT (Common)

Last Trade $15.67

Change + 0.10

% Change 0.64%

Mission Statement

Our ultimate goal as a company is to provide a leading technological innovation into the industry of integrated communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions. We are committed to providing a diverse line of electronic equipment and components which help our customers, individuals and companies to maximize efficiency through the use of the latest innovations. More specifically, we hope to enable corporations to reach new levels of communication through leading information technologies. Our company will provide cost-effective and advanced mobile technology for the fashion conscious consumers.

We will accomplish these goals through our steadfast commitment to our valued employees and shareholders and help them to achieve their personal objectives. Additionally, our focus on state of the art research and development will ultimately increase shareholder value and continue to retain our position as the global leader in the telecommunications market.

Leading Technological Innovations

Enable corporations to reach new levels of communication through leading in fields of Information Technologies, Seamless Mobility, Technology Convergence, and Connectivity.

Cost Effective and Advanced Mobile Technology for the Fashion Conscious Customers

Cost effective

Motorola cell phones can be bought without or with a plan for a cell phone provider. When you buy the phone with a plan, it will be cheaper than without. The provider companies in the Philadelphia area are Cingular, Verizon, T-Mobile, Nextel, and Sprint. Motorola has no influence on how much the plans cost, we can only make the price for the cell phones. The price for buying a cell phone with a plan ranges from $0 to $199.99 depending on the age of the cell phone. We want to introduce new cell phones more expensive and will decrease the price after a little while, because the technology is changing so fast and new phones will be on the market permanently.


Elegance elevates mobile design to a different level. People want a cell phone with sophisticated look, they want to be "hip" and in. One very good example of Motorola's great looking cell phones is the new developed RAZR V3. On the other hand, their mobile phone should be practical, small and slim. In addition to all the design, a mobile phone needs to consist of advanced technology with numerous functions, such as a camera, video camera etc.

Steadfast Commitment to our Valued Employees

Steadfast Commitment to our Valued Shareholders

Quarterly & Annual Reports sent out to shareholders

The reports will consist of seven categories: (1) Financial Summary, (2) Risks, (3) Balance Sheet, (4) Stocks Rating, (5) History, (6) Products, (7) Outlook. In the annual and quarterly reports, there will be a letter from the chairman on the high points of business, in the past year with predictions for the next year. The reports will also include the company's philosophy that describes how the company does business. There will be an extensive report on each section of operations in the company. This portion of the report will describe the services and the products that the Motorola offers.

Financial information includes the profit and loss statements and a balance sheet. The profit and loss statement describes income and expenses and gives the net profit for the year. The balance sheet describes assets and liabilities and compares them to the previous year. In this section, important information may be revealed in the footnotes. The report may discuss current or pending lawsuits or government



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