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Mother Case

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The Devil in a Shape of a Woman by Carol Karlsen and the Trial of Anne Hutchinson

As I read both reading I found out that both reading have a lot of similarities and they can be relate to each other. The reading in The Devil in a Shape of a Woman deal with notion or idea of woman being a witch only because her husband die and she inherited the money and property. In the colonial time the fact that a woman had money made her a woman with power and opinion in patriarchal society. Without no proof this women were being accused witchcraft specially if there were not male to inherit.

In the Trial of Anne Hutchinson I see the same pattern of discrimination against woman that The Devil in a Shape of a Woman has. Anne Hutchinson was an educated woman and also a mid-wife. She held meeting in her house to discuss the Sunday sermon and also to talk about the actual situation of the state. By Anne Hutchinson doing this meeting it mean she had an opinion and a voice that need to be hear. She always question what the church had to say and that was not acceptable for a society rule by man. Ann was taken to trial and found guilty of questioning the church. She was banished from the Massachusetts Bay colony

Both reading are full of irony, prejudice, and idea that a woman must be seen but not heard to me the undertones of gender discrimination are very present in both reading. For the colonial time a place a woman was to take care of the house with no opinion. The moment that a woman have opinion or starts to questioning the ideology of the society that she lived in them is a reason to be accused of witchcraft because woman were not supports be a voice. A woman role was to follow the man especially in a patriarchal society.

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