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Morality And Computer Games, Where Do You Draw The Line?

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Essay Preview: Morality And Computer Games, Where Do You Draw The Line?

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Many people are fine with computer games for various reasons. Computer games promote education by helping draw people to computers and using educational games.

Computer games help gain attention from people who do not normally use computers. Games are a great way to teach people not only how to use computers, but also that computers are not hard and can actually be fun and handy to use. There are all different types of games that can be used to do this, so everyone can be attracted through some type of game.

Games not only can be used to teach people about computers, but also anything else that can be thought of! Games are used throughout many schools to supplement teaching subjects from typing to science and even english. Educational games are extremely effective and efficient because through appealing to the student they can learn more because they are interested in what they are doing. For example, I can tell you about all sorts of diseases threatening settlers during the origin of America simply from playing Oregon multiple times in elementary school.

The conflicting view with the effectiveness of computer games is that some people view them to be too effective in some areas. The problem is that some people have trouble separating fantasy from reality. When this problem persists, computer games are seen to promote violence and hostility

Violent media was blamed for the Columbine High School shootings. Some argue that this type of media is getting too real and desensitizing the human perception of death of violence.

Obviously from the above material we can conclude that violent computer and video games are only suitable for those who can actually separate the fantasy from reality. The problem is finding a way to police this distribution of material. Music has tried the stickers for "explicit content", however it is up to the parents to decide what their children can handle and what they should not listen to. Sometimes parents don't even know their children's boundaries when it comes to this type of media. If parents can't even figure it out, how are we?

Another complication



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