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Moral Individuals in Business Environment’s

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                                                      Moral Individuals in business environment’s

                                                                 By: Travis Eldridge

                                                                    Philosophy class



So the big question here is why as individuals do we need moral’s in the business environment and how does it help the business environment? Well first off to explain for better full filaments of this paper I have to say starting out morals in a business environment is important because it plays a role in being responsible. According to “Peter straw son” Influential theories of responsibilities are consistent of attitudes, for one Example: Gratitude and resentment that we as individuals hold towards one another as co-workers and members of the moral environment plays out the roles in the business environments and throughout the paper I will provide information on how and why it is so important for the business to have morals from each individuals.


Why is it Important to have morals in a business Environment certain statistics show that there are many different types of morals and in this essay I will explain and define three of them to the fullest understanding starting out with the first example of deontological ethics is that this particular one is the approach to wrongness or rightness meaning certain obligations are to be made like when god says it is right then we do by him the right way if he says it is wrong then we ty to correct it now for the second teleological ethics from what is good or desirable as to be achieved in the end and are of good or evil generated meaning it either is done evil or good.

              The next one on the list moral objectivism meaning moral values such as attitudes and feelings towards things such as our jobs, friends and family also may pertain to our personal relationships such as marriages as well. Ethical relativism which is my favorite area to speak about but, my question that’s relevant to this subject to give a prime example is was Hitler really evil or was it moral relativism I believe he thought what he was doing was the right thing he really didn’t think that it was an evil behavior at all see being evil is not relative because it is not a thing it is a choice.

               Not really sure how we can consider this thing that Hitler did to be moral because you just don’t go around taking innocent lives due to the fact you didn’t like who they were or how their religion was so moral or not is the major question here. Hitler made his choices to create his actions he planned his evil acts I would have to say to plan something is knowing what you are doing so it can’t be an excuse to not be evil.

                                                         People should be moral in business environments

We individuals have a certain lifestyle to be lived and each one of us have our own techniques on our daily living routine’s such as the above that I have described and three valid reasons to support my thesis would be 1. The television has a news channel that shows many criminals and a higher crime rate because we as individuals want to excuse the mentally challenged for their evil acts because we say they didn’t know any better and I can say there is no excuse for any evil act in orders to plot it out it has to be planned so there for they know what they do so they need to be punished rather it be separated from society in a certain facility or jail and 2. Life is more about importance than ignorance being this such means Family value and love and trust is important factors in life also and three last but not least evil or good we all need moral values in life to be able to make it work for a greater environment the greater the environment is around us the happier and content we can be with keeping satisfaction in our lives.



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