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Business Environment

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TaiwanЎЇs political status is complicated which control by the Republic of ChinaЎЇs. Taiwan authorities have actively encouraged investment in Southeast Asian nations. The diplomatic relations presents an opportunity to Malaysia to trade with Taiwan. . It makes easier for Noor Arfa to enter the Taiwan market and the risk of failure will be lower. This would open new trading opportunities and helps in promoting our Batik and position ourselves in TaiwanЎЇs market.

TaiwanЎЇs tariff system is based on Harmonized system. As tariff rate been lowered, it benefits Noor Arfa to enter into the market because they can reduce the cost when import the batik to the market. Therefore, more profit will be earned.

Today, Taiwan has a dynamic capitalist economy with gradually decreasing state involvement in investment and foreign trade. ThatЎЇs mean the decisions regarding investment are made privately, and production and distribution is primary controlled by Noor Arfa each competing and acting in its own interest.

After decades of efforts devoted to economic development, people in Taiwan are now devoting more attention and expense to life-style pursuits. Casual activities, and associated casual wear, are now deemed necessities in Taiwan.

Mandarin is the language of instruction in schools and predominate television and business negotiation. Since Malaysia has diversity race, and most of them knows how to speak mandarin, it wonЎЇt be a problem for Noor Arfa to send a representative who knows mandarin to negotiate with them. The high education rates are high which means that the Taiwanese would be more than willing to adapt and try new products.

Technological factors in Taiwan are also a plus factor for Noor Arfa. Technology is a major driving force both in international marketing and in the more towards a global market. Taiwan today enjoys excellent public



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