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Modr 1770 Concept Analysis Notes #2

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Essay Preview: Modr 1770 Concept Analysis Notes #2

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Are the insane human?

6) Social Context

Analyzing what we explained, in a social context

  1. Who would ask this question? Lawmakers
  2. Why would they ask? To draft a bill
  3. When, under what circumstances? There have been social conflicts pertaining to illness

C is the social context

  1. Qualities between the two concepts

7) Underlying Anxiety

a) what kind of anxieties would propel someone to ask such a question?

Fear of segregating a group of people

Anxieties related to having to deal socially with the insane

Anxiety stemming from the fear of being insane yourself

b) Anxieties of each concept




Tends to be ostracized

Are feared

Fear Others

Involves fragility

Fear of deviation

c) Tentative conclusion

8) Practical Results

NO C for Step 8

  1. If yes, then…. what can happy in the practical world

Answer in paragraph form

Draw together all you’ve analyzed so far

  1. If no, then…. what are some social/practical consequences

During second term exams, now you write essay based on what you believe

Model case: 6-8 qualities

Contraty: 6-8

Related concept: 5-7 for b c d

Tentative conclusions: 2-3

Borderline case: 4-6

Invented case: 4-6

Who would ask this question a : 2-3

Why 2-3

When 2-3

What does this tell me about main concept 4-6

Underlying anxiety: 2-3

Anxieties of each concept : 4-6

Tentative conclusions 2-3

Are the insane human?

6) Social Context



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