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Modern Technologies

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Modern Technologies

How did I ever survive living in an archaic world without modern technology? I remember the days of physically moving your body up from the couch over to the TV to change the channel. A time when there were few television networks, all of which were local by the way, would sign off by airing a taped recording of the American flag proudly waving while the Star Spangled Banner played in the background. Today, I absolutely could not imagine living without modern technologies such as a cell phone, digital cable, the Internet, and microwave.

The cell phone has got to be one of the most profitable and marketable portable pieces of technology available to us today. I can still recall my first cell phone. It was ugly, heavy, and the size of a brick, which incidentally also doubled as a self-defense system in case I was physically threatened all I had to do was throw it at my attacker's head then they'd be knocked out cold. Today, I own a very sleek model that allows me to listen to MP3s, access my email, access the internet, send pictures and videos, text message friends, and speak with other people. Although I cannot use it as a deterrent from being attacked, it constantly is with me. It's become my security blanket.

Just as my cell phone has become my security blanket, digital cable has become my constant companion. With all the different channels and vast selection of shows available to me, I am rarely bored. Unlike the television programming of the past, cable networks do not sign off. No longer subjected to the audio of the Star Spangled Banner playing against the backdrop of the American flag waving, we now have infomercials to signal to us that it's time to go to bed. Digital cable is a good friend, always there for me whenever I need company, but I do eventually need some type of human interaction and that's when I turn to my other buddy, the Internet.




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