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Model 2- Sell X for profit in US Siphon some to give X

- This is difficult one to win with

- GE has a foundation that gives away medical equipment

1) product not always applicable to both markets

2) distributes are often already locked into markets

3) designs are by college students- are four 17 years olds going to do better than Siemens.

4) IP is released to public domain. The first sale is initiates the release to the public domain.

5) Regulatory Issues- but the developing world has very very few RI.

- still need the 801 but need the 510K if sold in US.

6) Standards issues (ISO and AAMI), often 90% of your costs go only to safety and not to treating patients. So you need to raise money for standards.

7) If X already exits why not give it away- you could just run a refurb business.

Model 3- Sell my X to emerging markets and give X to the developing world

- Dr. Malkin not sure of any one that has been succesfull with this

1-7) Just like model 2, minus the fact that regs and standards might be lower

-Pay attention to import taxes, etc.

8) Distributor buy in is tougher

9) Have to show in a very detailed layout that this country is emerging and has unique advantages- this must be proved to the judges

10) Siemens and other realize that there is market potential here.

-It may make more sense to take India's technology and distribute to the developing world




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