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Decision Making Model

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Decision Making Models

Milton A. Brown III

MGT 350/ Critical Thinking

Saundra McDavid

November 29, 2005.

Points Possible Your Points Comments

700 Ð'- 1050 words 1 1

Model described 1 1

Apply model to a recent decision 2 2

Identify all steps in the decision-making model 1 1

Overall 5 5 Review APA formatting for the title page and spacing within your text. There should be no extra spacing between your references on your reference page. Nice application of the SBDC decision making model.

In the ever changing world of business, many decisions are going to be made, whether the outcome is good or bad. Some could be as small as finding a new supplier of pencils, while others can hold the fate of the company. As future business leaders, one must take advantage of all tools and learning experiences to become successful in their career paths.

One tool that is popular amongst businessmen and women alike is a decision making model. Decision making models are plans which determine the process by which a decision is made. (Decision Making Models; R.W. Scholl. 1999) Although sometimes there is only one right decision, there are numerous decision-making models to get you to that decision. Hence, there is no one right way to achieve your decision.

In the 138th Military intelligence Company, decisions had to be made in regards to which soldiers would deploy on the next rotation. This issue will be grafted to a nine-step decision making model commonly used by the Small Business Development Center at Rogue Community College:

Ð'* Recognize that a problem exists and set a solution objective.

Ð'* Analyze the situation.

Ð'* Identify key uncertainties.

Ð'* Determine workable solutions and perhaps brainstorm for alternatives.

Ð'* Gather data, perhaps using "expert" help. Analyze which alternative might work best given the specific problem and your particular environment.

Ð'* Select the best (most workable) alternative.

Ð'* Develop a plan for implementation and action.

Ð'* Implement the plan.

Ð'* Follow up to see how the decision worked out and to evaluate its effectiveness in solving the problem.

(Rogue Community College; 2001)

In the 138th MI Company, there is a shortage of Army personnel that are qualified to deploy. Many that are not qualified will be able to deploy after the initial deployment date. Soldiers attached to the unit that are already deployed do not want to extend their deployment to fill the gaps of the incoming group.

In this situation, the issue that is established is whether or not the already deployed group will extend beyond their deployment. Despite the soldiers' concerns about coming home (especially during this holiday season), many will not be able to due to the gaps that will need to be filled in the current deployment roster. If the shortage is not met, the soldiers that await their deployment will be overworked soon after they arrive. In turn, overworking soldiers decreases performance and alertness, therefore posing a greater threat in a deployed environment.

The soldiers that are not able to deploy are either still in training or have a medical condition disqualifying them. If at least half of this group becomes eligible to deploy before the initial group goes, the gaps will be filled and all will be well. The soonest they are scheduled to become deployable is



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